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EP 11: Sunshine & Sunsets


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In life Soapboxx Nation you will have sunshine and sunsets. The key is finding out who is going to stick with you when you’re shining your brightest or when the time for your shine has come to an end.

Looks like the sun has finally set on Governor Ricardo Rosselló in Puerto Rico. The Soapboxx podcast(T.J. Legacy, Damien Tha Carter, Robin The Heart & Jon Boy Fresh) recaps the Puerto Rican people’s historic victory. One begs the questions, what is the current state of the African-American civil rights movement and will we ever see an uprising in the black community with results as we did in Puerto Rico?

Actress Lela “Sunshine” Rochon in the 90’s was a rising star and beauty in Hollywood who married director Antoine Fuqua in 1999. Fast forward 2019, The Soapboxx podcast Family discuss the controversial kiss between Lela’s husband Antoine Fugua and Nicole Murphy. Hip Hop Commentator Allen York & Comedian Jess A. join the show, as we ask does your significant other have an obligation to keep up their physical appearances in the relationship? Is there such a thing as “justifiable cheating”? How do women overcome the pressure to have a “perfect body”?

Featured: “Whatz Poppin?!” w/ comedian Jess A. – If a man proposes to his girlfriend and she has No; Is the relationship now over?


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