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EP 16: Lost One


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Lets face it being ghosted sucks! But you win some and you lose some. What do you do when you “Lost One”? We discuss the Dos & Dont’s that might save you from being ghosted. We also talk Antonio Brown and his sexual assault allegations. Listen to our recap on the Tom Joyner Family Reunion, Players Coalition Town Hall and the Chris Brown concert in Tampa.

Host T.J. Legacy, Robin The Heart, and Jon Boy Fresh joined by Guest Contributor Javonni Hampton discuss being ghosted in dating, who’s a better overall talent Beyonce or Chris Brown? And we shed light on the relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian. Also featured is our New segment “Moment of Clarity” with Javonni. Everyone takes a loss, but its how you deal with it which determines who you are and what your made of. Tune in!


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