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EP 30: The Asterisk


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Did CBS NEWS Anchor Gayle King disrespect the legacy of deceased Future Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant in an Interview with WNBA Legend Lisa Leslie? The Soapboxx Podcast family play Keep or Cancel: Gayle King & Oprah.

Twitter Beef- Nicki Minaj vs Meek Mill: Is it ever a good idea for broken up couples to air out their dirty laundry? And can EXs still remain friends?

Recap the week in politics from the SOTU Address, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sends a message, President Donald Trump Acquittal & why we don’t care about Rush Limbaugh. Will the Democratic Party value the Black Vote in 2020?

Also featured segments- “Whatz Poppin?!”, Celebrity Selfie, & Moral of the Story

Host- T.J. Legacy
Co-host- Allen York, Jessica Andrade, Javonni Hampton
Guest contributor- Ishna Y’Keal

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