Every Tom Brady TV & Movie Cameo, Ranked – Screen Rant

Every Tom Brady TV & Movie Cameo, Ranked – Screen Rant

There are few athletes with as much star power as Tom Brady, and though he’s only had a few TV and movie spots, some of them have been great.
Tom Brady has been making headlines more than ever (though, unfortunately, not about his skills on the field). Currently playing his third and final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady has cemented his status as the GOAT. As is usually the case with athletes of this level of fame, he has made numerous cameos in other media.
Though it may not be his acting skills that Brady is known for, he has proven that he can be a talented actor and comedian when he needs to be. Making appearances both animated and live-action, fans have several different shows and movies to watch for more of the acclaimed quarterback.
By 2005, Tom Brady was already on top, so it was only a matter of time before the producers of Saturday Night Live would contact him to make an appearance. In this 2005 episode, Brady got to broaden his horizons and prove that his talents don't stop on the field.
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Brady performed multiple sketches on this 2005 episode, but the most memorable sketches were "Touchdown At The Carnival" (a sketch about a guy named Alan who can't throw a football at a carnival game) and "Sexual Harassment And You" (a bit of a dated sketch, but hilarious nonetheless). Unfortunately, with his schedule as chaotic as it is, it is unlikely Brady will make a return to the show to return to these characters.
This may not be a television or film appearance, but it has become a classic on the Funny Or Die website, home to a bevy of short viral comedy videos. Much like his Saturday Night Live appearance, it showcases some of the exaggerations people make about the GOAT (even if they don't know who he is).
This segment sees Brady enter a California store where he asks an employee for assistance but isn't able to get any information as the employee focuses on his "Boston accent" the entire time. Brady has been known to poke fun at himself when needed, and this video showcases the range of his acting and comedic abilities.
Tom Brady has had a career that most NFL players dream of. He currently holds the record for most Super Bowl wins and never seems to show any sign of slowing down. The first episode of Living With Yourself provided a possible explanation for how the GOAT can remain so consistent.
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Living With Yourself follows Miles (Paul Rudd) as he undergoes an experimental treatment and is replaced by a better clone version of himself. Brady is seen exiting the building where the experiment will supposedly take place and informs Miles that it is his 6th time participating in the experiment (the number of wins he had at the time). While his cameo was brief, it did provide a good tongue-in-cheek theory for his peak physical health and ability to keep winning rings after 20 years in the NFL.
Being one of the best HBO Comedy Series, Entourage has had some of the greatest celebrity cameos, and Tom Brady was no exception. Though it may seem hard to believe, even the GOAT is bound to have a hater or two. When Turtle is forced to play with Tom Brady during a celebrity golf tournament in the Season 6 Episode "Fore!", he attempts to tell Brady how he feels about Brady as a dedicated New York Giants fan.
One aspect that has made Brady grow such a following during his career is how humble and charming he is. This episode sees Turtle fall under his spell (despite his allegiance to the New York Giants) as Brady invites him and his girlfriend to dinner at his home. While this is a hilarious cameo, there is likely some truth to his etiquette in this episode.
Fans of Seth MacFarlane's work (and MacFarlane himself) are vocal about their opinion of the sequel to 2012's Ted. Whether it be the absence of Mila Kunis or the infamous courtroom scene, it didn't land with audiences upon release. However, one area where the film shined was how Tom Brady played into Ted's overall story.
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When Ted is unable to have a baby with his wife, Tami-Lynn, John and Ted devise a scheme to use Tom Brady as a sperm donor. The cameo shows how Brady is easily able to pick himself up amidst controversy, but also shows he will never miss an opportunity to showcase his comedic chops.
He may have one of the most dysfunctional animated TV families, but Homer Simpson is a sitcom dad that is no stranger to life-fulfilling experiences, doing some things that the average person can only dream of. One of his more unique experiences was being tasked with taking charge of the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show when his dance goes viral.
Season 16's "Homer And Ned's Hail Mary Pass" sees Homer as he is approached by professional athletes Tom Brady, LeBron James, Michelle Kwan, Yao Ming, and Warren Sapp to teach them this dance he has created. The episode doesn't place much focus on the individual athletes, though they did each provide their voices for the roles (to hilarious results).
Peter Griffin was another sitcom dad that made acquaintances with Tom Brady, though it was through far different circumstances than his The Simpsons counterpart. Brady appeared on Family Guy's Season 4 Episode "Patriot Games," when Peter is recruited to join the New England Patriots.
In this episode, Brady mostly leans to his charming and stern side while Peter continues his usual antics until the team is forced to let him go. This would not be the last time a New England Patriot makes a cameo in Family Guy, as Rob Gronkowski makes an appearance in Season 15's "Gronkowsbees." That being said, this cameo remains memorable.
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