Gabriel Iglesias Goes Big on Netflix With Stadium Fluffy – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Gabriel Iglesias Goes Big on Netflix With Stadium Fluffy – CBR – Comic Book Resources

Gabriel Iglesias’ new Netflix comedy special, Stadium Fluffy, is a nearly two-hour show in front of 45,000 people at Dodger Stadium.
For a comedian, doing a stadium show is a bold statement. To get up in front of tens of thousands of fans and successfully make those people laugh is no small feat, one only an elite group of comedians has ever pulled off. With Stadium Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias added his name to those ranks by recording his most recent Netflix special in front of a crowd of 45,000 people at Dodger Stadium.
Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias has been a stand-up comedian for 25 years at this point. He doesn't talk about politics or sports, focusing more on his personal life as well as pop culture and Latin culture. That has definitely worked for him as he has become one of the biggest comedians in the world. Iglesias has had multiple stand-up specials for both Comedy Central and Netflix since 2007, with Stadium Fluffy being the biggest one to date. And that's in length as well as attendance.
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The new Netflix comedy special was filmed at Dodger Stadium in Iglesias' hometown of Los Angeles. Being that he's a huge Dodgers fan, this was likely a dream come true for him. Making it even more special was the fact that the show was a sellout with 45,000 people in attendance. They got quite a show. It was supposed to be an hour long, but it ended up being close to two hours. On top of that, he filmed two sold-out shows there back-to-back, making history as the first comedian to do so at Dodger Stadium.
What was impressive about this special was the fact that Iglesias was able to hold the attention of such a large group of people for that much time. That alone would have been difficult for any comedian. But he was hilarious on top of that. Iglesias is well known for telling deeply personal stories about his life. One of the more compelling parts of the special saw him talk about his son asking Iglesias to stop including stories featuring Frankie in his act as well as the end of his relationship with Frankie's mom.
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Fluffy also talked about upsetting a professional boxer with the wrong joke, a story that doesn't quite have an ending… yet. Hopefully, it's a positive one for Iglesias. He also talked about his love of Starbucks and the day he learned about the Puppuccino. That played perfectly into a much larger story about how much he loves his Chihuahuas.
The only aspect of the special that fell a little flat were opening parts that focused heavily on COVID. This was Iglesias' first special since the pandemic. He attempted to film one in 2021 in Texas but contracted COVID and had to cancel. It felt like a lot of time was devoted to the pandemic early, but it was only a small portion of a much bigger special that was so much more than that.
Despite the fact he was performing in front of tens of thousands of people, this felt like an oddly personal performance for Iglesias. It was a homecoming of sorts. This was the stadium that belongs to his favorite baseball team filled with a hometown crowd of people who love and support the man. It overwhelmed him on several occasions, which was part of the reason he went over time. Well, that, and he was obviously having a blast as was the live audience.
Stadium Fluffy is streaming on Netflix.
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