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Gary Owen tells his kids say they’re black not mixed.

Gary wants his kids to get the United Negro College Fund scholarship.

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  1. Your kids are not in the scholarship category.
    Let’s be real. They could pay for a ADOS friend to go to an HBCU or any U.
    Y’all got bank.

  2. I have been told that ur kid is whatever the dad is bcuz he’s the seed carrier…and i was also told that it goes by the dominate race.. #imamotherofabiracialbaby

  3. Bro that’s telling your kids to lie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 there mixed is the truth 💪🏼✊🏼

  4. Races don’t exist unless you running we are one Race 👉🏼Human Race now we have different ethnicity culture Nations and we can even say species

  5. In our society, you are what you look like. I have three biracial kids. They ALL look different. You wouldn’t even guess their nationalities and the fact that they are siblings from my husband and I based on their looks. My kids are what they are…BIRACIAL! regardless of what society thinks there’s you know….biology. I am teaching them not to be defined by the perceptions of others. They can be what they decide to be. They don’t need to be black or white unless they want to be.

  6. My birth certificate says I am white, but I am black with DNA 79black and 21white. So of course my Daugther is black, but she married a young man whose father is a white marine and mother from Thailand.. My grandson has a suntan, but where his skin is covered he is whiter than you. His toenails and skin are the same color white. With this census coming out, he could pass for white and their is know line to determine what is other HUMAN.


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