HaHa Davis is SO Funny!

HaHa Davis is SO Funny!

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Ha-Ha-DavisHaHa Davis is SO Funny!

Haha Davis, also known as Mr. Big Fella is from Detroit and he’s funny as hell. We don’t see many comedians emerge from Detroit but this guy is changing that. “At first I didn’t realize I was funny” says Haha, who credits his friends for influencing him to start posting videos on Vine and Instagram. With over four million Instagram followers as of this writing, it’s safe to say a lot of people know how funny he is now.

New Hip-Hop Comic

Davis’ brand of Not Safe For Work comedy has even put some celebrities on alert. For example, Snoop Dogg found Haha via Instagram and immediately became a fan. As a result Snoop featured Haha on an album, utilizing Davis’ signature catchphrase, “Dis Finna Be a Breeze.”

Before that, Davis created a bond with Chance the Rapper, and was featured on his hit mixtape Chance 3. The song, titled “No Problem,” has Davis’ alter ego Big Fella introduce us to Chance, saying “You don’t want no problems.” Chance then drops a blistering rap warning those who would get in his face to beware the consequences.

His passion for comedy started with a simple but funny post to vine in 2013. That led to a flurry of Instagram clips that created an instant star.  Ha Ha Davis is known for phrases such as “Ooh I’m Outta” “What’s Goin’ Owwn,” “What’s your frustration,” and our personal favorite, “Im Finna Daah.”

What’s Next for Comedian HaHa Davis?

HaHa Davis is working on a number of projects. When asked of his goals, HaHa expresses a desire to use comedy as a tool for people to take into their everyday lives, rather than just a series of quick laughs. We wish him the best, especially being a fellow Detroiter, but no matter how much money he makes and fame he garners, we hope he continues to make funny clips. Those joints are forreal-forreal, like “haha-laugh-out-loud-funny.”


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