“Hey Stephen Curry, How Does Ice Explain the Air Ball?”: When Comedians Ron Funches and James Corden Grilled the Warriors Star For His Famous Miss – The Sportsrush

Akash Murty
|Sat Oct 15 2022
Stephen Curry leaves people speechless when he is dazzling with the ball but even he can be quietened sometimes.
Other than being one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball and the undisputed best shooter in the game, Stephen Curry is also one of the jolliest players in the NBA.
It’s a reason why he is a favorite guest for talk show hosts. One might not have the courage to throw jokes every six-and-half to 7-foot giant, but a 6’2 baby faced assassin is not someone to scare people, especially when he is not dribbling a basketball.
So, comedian Ron Funches took his opportunity to troll the 4x NBA champ when he got the chance on a silver platter.
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Almost every NBA fan must have come across a clip where Steph, in a game against the Lakers, is running away on a fast break after stealing the ball, and when he reaches the other end and goes for a layup he hilariously slips with nobody playing defense on him.
Andre Iguodala then saves the ball and dishes it again to Curry who is now in the left-hand corner for a casual catch-and-shoot while getting a screen from Iggy, and overshoots it a mile away from the basket.
When Curry appeared on James Cordon’s late-night show in January 2019, just a few weeks after that game, Cordon did not forget to bring the clip up and Ron hit the hammer when Steph came up with an excuse for slipping.

Hilarious! There are very rare moments these days when this man gets speechless. Leaving people spellbound is his forte, not the other way around.
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Copyright: © THESPORTSRUSH. All rights reserved.


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