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Homeless Garbage Monster – Pursuit of Sexiness


Speed Dating – https://youtu.be/ql3yC13Pu7Q

Best friends and troublemakers Nicky and Sheer are broke, single, and (adorably!) self-absorbed. They’re looking for good men, easy money and free meals but would be satisfied to break even and find a guy who doesn’t prematurely ejaculate. It’s life, liberty and the pursuit of sexiness.

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Cast & Credits
Sheer – Sasheer Zamata
Nicky – Nicole Byer
Homeless Man – Robert W. Smith
Dancer – Tallie Medel
Dancer – Jon Swan
Dancer – Zoob Fernandez
Waiter – Adam Hyland

Director: Todd Bieber
Writers: Nicole Byer & Sasheer Zamata

Director of Photography: Matt Braunsdorf
AD: Andy Mills
Camera op: Ben Sayeg
AC: Bridget Araujo
Gaffer: Colin Allen
Sound: James Leggero
Production Designer: CJ Dockery

Producer: Moujan Zolfaghari
PAs – Jon Hess, James Meeg, Matt Nelson, Angela Palladino, Sarah Hartshorne


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