HB Sanders is So Funny

HB Sanders is So Funny

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Horace HB SandersThe pot calling the kettle black. Last week we had the privilege of joining the #TomJoynerFantasticVoyage, one of the greatest urban events of our time. During this weekend of party and purpose we encountered several familiar comics, doing what they do in the ways they’ve always done it, but then something magical happened. In between four-letter words, baby-mamma drama and more sex jokes than we care to remember, a breath of fresh air swept through the ship and landed on-stage. Its name was Horace HB Sanders.

This bald headed, non-threatening, Tom Joyner of twenty years ago look-a-like, DESTROYED the Fantastic Voyage comedy show. Each and every punchline he delivered raised eyes, stoked minds and filled the audience with laughs. The crowd knew and loved the headliner, but there was no denying the impression HB left on the entire ship.

Horace held the stage for a good five minutes before I realized something was missing. No B***hes, no wh**es (yeah, he left that kinda impression, we can’t even curse on this post). Not one thing we’ve come to expect from Black comics left his lips. It was clean. Like totally clean. Cosby show clean.


A few minutes into the set we dialed up ‘the google’ the learn more about brother Sanders and I kicked myself. Not only are we both native Detroiters, we’re from the same neighborhood. In addition to that, Horace HB Sanders has a real resume (unlike most comics), with feature films and even “Star Search” credits. We slept on him and we’re most-def sorry, but thankfully he’s a christian and they’re supposed to forgive everything, right?

Be Fair

As I read more articles and saw more pictures on “the google,” I realized that I REALLY knew Horace but never heard his comedy because I always considered him ‘one of those’ people, a ‘Christian Comic.’ Yes, that. Another of the things we don’t give a fair chance, like Jehovah’s witnesses on a Saturday morning, or Chex Mix (which is incredibly delicious btw).

While I can’t force anyone to let Jehovah’s witnesses into their homes, I can respectfully ask that you give Clean/Christian comedy a chance. Quite frankly, it didn’t feel like church at all. There wasn’t anything ‘preachy’ about Horace’s set, it was simply comedy. Jokes. Jokes without dirty words or squeamish situations, and the crowd LOVED IT.

Clean Comedy Can’t be THAT funny!

Okay, because most of the people reading this blog are comics, and y’all are cynical as fu– (still can’t cuss), I know what you’re thinking. ‘It was the Tom Joyner Cruise’ everyone was old and churchy’. WRONG. They weren’t all old, and lawd knows they weren’t all church ladies (the things we saw last week!!!). But Horace won them over.


Are we exaggerating to support a hometown hero? NOPE. Let us begin with exhibit A: We won’t mention who said it, but Horace was such a hit that one of the “stars” lobbied hard to remove Horace from a show. Exhibit B: Horace darn-near (still can’t cuss) hosted more seminars/shows/events on the cruise than every other comic combined (Okay, this might be an exaggeration, we have no way to verify the numbers).


So what have we learned today class? Don’t judge a book by its cover. We as Black and Brown people often complain of racism and racial profiling, but we’re often the first to pass judgement on things we don’t understand. Don’t be the pot that calls the kettle black. Besides, we all claim to love Jesus, you’re telling me you wouldn’t go see Jesus at the local comedy club? (ah-ha!) Clean/christian comedy doesn’t mean you’ll thrown into the rapture and fleeced of tithes and offerings, it simply means the man/woman telling the jokes takes their faith seriously and won’t step away from it to make a dollar.

Horace HB Sanders is a father, husband, entertainer and comic who tells jokes without cussing. Stop being judgemental, go see his show!!


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