How old is the Ami actress from Family Reunion? – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

How old is the Ami actress from Family Reunion? – HITC – Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

Family Reunion Cr. COURTESY OF NETFLIX © 2021
When you’re really into a show, sometimes the characters can come to feel like a second family. Tuning into episodes can become a comfort, and in the case of Family Reunion, the McKellan’s certainly hold a special place in the hearts of many audiences.
Created by Meg DeLoatch, the American sitcom first began streaming on Netflix in July 2019 and offered three parts with its first season, introducing audiences to the loveable family.
The fandom has grown with passing parts and seasons and viewers will all have their personal favorite characters.
For some, there’s no doubt that Ami – her real name is Amelia Nicole – is right up there atop the list. Now that season 3 has premiered, fans have the show on their brain again and are wondering how old the Ami actress from Family Reunion is…
Jordyn Raya James is 12 years old and was born on October 22nd 2010.
The American actress has been portraying Cocoa and Moz’s youngest daughter since the show began.
Variety reports that the character of Ami was 8 years old in season 1 and the sitcom addresses the passing of time within the show, so it’s likely that the character is around the same age in season 3 as the actress is in real life.
The biggest role of the rising star’s career so far is undoubtedly Ami but she has also starred in the TV series Homecoming (she played Ella Belfast), Five Points (Mimi), and she also appeared as herself on Game On! A Comedy Crossover Event.
The final season of ‘Family Reunion’ on Netflix premieres today 🥺 Will you be tuning in? // 🎥: @imcameronj
Alexis Joy VIP Access spoke with Jordyn last year and asked her what her favorite part of playing Ami is:
“My favorite thing about playing Ami is that she is a fun character. She is sassy and bossy to her siblings and Ami takes on some of M’Dear’s (Loretta Devine) attitude, so I get to take cues off of Mrs. Loretta Devine!”
She was also asked what she’d like a potential Ami spin-off to be about.
“If there was a spinoff about Ami, it would totally be called Ami and Her Adventures,” she argued. “It would be about Ami and her friends or new experiences as she comes across them.
No, The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that season 3 is the final season of Family Reunion.
Although the first two seasons were split into parts, this isn’t the case for season 3, which only offers 10 episodes in total. All of them premiered on Netflix on the very same day Thursday, October 27th 2022.
Family Reunion is streaming exclusively on Netflix.
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