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IHOP Is Now IHOB?! | SquADD Reaction


We react to IHOP changing their name to IHOB and put their burgers to the test to see if “IHOB” should really go the burger restaurant route.

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    1. tony barajas I thought too and now I’m just even more disappointed. You could’ve gave us all kinds of different breakfast ideas but you give me burgers….some shit I can go to cookout, in n out, Steak ‘n Shake etc for smh ??‍♂️

  1. “I used to eat your pancakes” now instead of ordering everything other then pancakes when It was IHOP I’m gonna order only pancakes now that it’s IHOB

  2. My homies from the digital studio, can I get a liked comment up in here before I have to roast y’alls ass??

    1. Trevor Wallace facts lol I’m glad you said this because if you let doeboy tell it them niggas reinvented the burger ??‍♂️

  3. AYFKM Burgers?? We already have McDonald’s Red Robin Burger King Wendy’s White Castle and Outback Steakhouse? How many more goddamn burger joints I’m going to be out there?? Jeez!!

    1. Ikr and im pretty sure most (if not all) of that cow meat is fake ?? Yup go head keep on feeding us steroids world!!!

  4. Do Boy: “First you gotta say cheers”
    Patrick: “I don’t think thats a thing”

    Meg: “Cheers, Lets go”

  5. Ihop pancakes and the steak omlet almost never lets me down #collegelife
    they better still have em

    1. She’s the reason people think girls don’t know about sports. “He still killed it though”, bitch where? ??

    1. Benjamin Vargas lol true whoever runs Wendy’s Twitter account needs a raise because that person always says the most savage stuff

  6. It’s not officially called IHOB it’s only for promotion I used to work there and it’s not an actual name change

  7. First time I hear and or see if this change. This is why is good to watch this show….weird update to a fast food joint…idk

  8. So the female in the Jean jacket opinion on anything doesn’t matter anymore. She said Mj was good at baseball lmao

  9. I think its a good idea i love burgers because i really dont like pancakes or shit like that not a breakfast kinda person….. I love my meats ?????

  10. Who else was looking for the “this video includes paid sponsorship / product placement” sign ??

  11. Tbh I don’t even like they pancakes at least I won’t feel weird when I order something besides the pancakes now

  12. I would love if IHOP branched off to burgers. Of course they would still have IHOP restaurants but having small burger joints too…that would be cool to see.

    1. Alucard Peach ? I just look at the breakfast I’ve never just explore the menu and see what else they have ?

    2. tyrha duh_vin_ci Lmao..that got pictures of burgers chicken fried steak ,Sandwiches etc..you ain’t been to IHOP..lmao

    1. What you mean bout, No!? Have you ever taste a vegan pancake? Don’t assume it’s nasty because its healthy.

  13. Ok the brunch burger with the pancake sounds freaking amazing. But….do you put syrup on the pancake 1st? I personality would, just because I love to mix flavors. Like, I get a McDonald’s burger with extra pickles and put honey on it–everybody I tell this to gags, but then they taste it and start doing it too. Man I wish IHOP was open right now. Oh, btw, in Gastonia NC the IHOP is on Cox Rd. That’s IHOP on Cox. No lie. Look it up!

  14. The burgers at IHOP are ? that’s usually what I get there. I’ve only had pancakes a few times there.

  15. Brunch is for b*****s
    Doboy is brunch connoisseur.
    That would make Doboy a b****…
    … Because you are what you eat.


  16. Ayy low key like the lowest key, y’all might have just done something by replacing the buns for pancakes on the brunch burger ??‍♀️

  17. Ya know ya got paid to boost the hell out there burgers . Things look like some 3 day old Krabby patties

  18. I had a burger there one time and their patties are pretty ass. Hopefully they changed it up for the better.

  19. MJ was not good at baseball, that’s why he brought his ass back. He thought he was Bo Jackson..lol. trying to dominate in two sports..

  20. That guy in the black sweater and red hat..is he Samoan? I see somewhat a Samoan tattoo..even on the thumbnail.

  21. When Denzel had to let Jade know how trash MJ was in baseball “You weren’t there”. MJ wasn’t Bo Jackson, retired NBA to go to minor league baseball and still barely was on the field.

  22. I looked at the thumbnail and thought IHOB was international house of BREAKFAST and was like what’s wrong with that. Then I watched the vid and was like…….smh the disrespect ?

  23. IHOP is just the porer man’s deny’s and they have a line of burgers too so…… not a big deal to me.

  24. >People are dying, World War III might happen, diseases are wiping out entire countries
    >”I don’t give a fuck lol XD”
    >IHOP changes its name to IHOb
    Seriously there still selling pancakes so what is the issue and according to the video the burgers are decent

    1. Q. Ferg them burgers always been on the menu..lmao..you’ve never been..lol they got a whole list of things CHICKEN tenders..Chicken fried steak ,Sandwiches,etc..lmao smh

  25. It’s marketing you change the sign and have people talking about it now they are competing with
    Red Robin & fuddruckers & Denny’s

  26. The level of Doboy‘s fatttnesities is at an all time high. But the burger pancake smash up looked delicious

  27. I lost my shit at 3:40 when doughboy said “id be lying if I said this was the first time ive done this”

  28. I thought the ihob was going to be some conspiracy /Mandela effect type situation. not international house of burgers

  29. Y’all haven’t been to Red Robin then. Y’all need to go there first then say what’s the best burger you’ve ever had

  30. Like when she does videos on her favorite snacks she say some healthy ass shit but here she been getting big like mama I’m Mexican so I don’t give a fuck about a Lil meat but embrace it damn

  31. Nothin else better to do!!!! LOL!!! Well you right Trevor, it’s 4:30 in the mornin, I’m wide awake, and I’m watching y’all try IHOB!!!!

  32. If they wanted to add burgers they could have made the b stand for brunch or kept it ihop and just add burgers

  33. It’s not real. I work at IHOP it was just a promotional thing to get people to buy our burgers. Smh IHOP just trying to stay relevant

  34. And we do have something called pancake sliders. It’s not hamburger meat it’s sausage and omelette style eggs. Actually pretty good

  35. Fam I thought the *b* was gonna stand for *Breakfast* and was totally cool with that…..who dumbass idea was it to be Burgers?

  36. I just don’t understand they always have had burgers and them “changing” their name ain’t gon make me change my regular order of : Colorado omelet, regular short stack pancakes and side order of hash browns.

  37. Lol I thought yall were gonna say they’re changing to International House Of Breakfast not BURGERS!!!! OMG I CAN NOT ???

  38. I thought iHob stood for “International House of Breakfast” that’s what people have been telling me but idk?

  39. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The 1st time i went to America and was there 10 days the 2nd last day my uncle who lives in miss suggested to go to Ihop and it changed me as a person it was define pancakes and full breakfeast with strawberry syrup

  40. What’s funny is these burgers been on the menu for the longest, ain’t nothing new but its Name..they want you to buy the most expensive plates..instead of just pancakes..its called marketing.lmao

  41. When they were talking about putting pancakes as buns and Patrick and doboy been doing that ??

  42. Is this a joke? Because ihop didn’t just serve pancakes. It wasn’t called ihop because they only ever served pancakes. Waffle House isn’t called Waffle House because they only ever served waffles. They served other stuff! Why change it because you have burgers now? Serve burgers all you want, but changing the name of numerous restaurants for a burger… That’s just weird.

  43. The girl sitting next to denzel … why she cut him off and said its a bad comparison and kept talking? Somebody please tell these people to stop cutting eachother off

  44. I can tell these burgers are trash just by looking at them because all the lettuce and veggies are at the bottom being greasy ass he’ll with that burger on top smh

  45. I love how people get mad at ihob for adding burgers to the menu… like bitch they still serve pancakes stfu and stop complaining

  46. Damn I remember when ran into Patrick @ the blue line he was headed to ADD…he was hella kool when spoke to each other. If I only knew he was an producer at the time lol….

  47. Trevor just exposed my whole life at the end of the video ? “since you have nothing else to do “ damn you so right

  48. I want that Big Brunch. It looks delicious and I love breakfast foods. It’s about the same price as Denny’s Grand Slamwich, which has about the same ingredients, and I enjoy that.

  49. Waffle house where it at it aint authentic if the menus dont got lil bit grease or fingerprints on them. #facts

  50. Their reactions to the burgers made me want to eat a burger right now. If I did go to ihop again, I might try the burger cause the pancakes were trash the 1st time I went. I was disappointed

  51. McDonald’s burgers is the most trashest burgers of all time I honestly don’t know why people eat burgers from there because they aren’t even that cheap anymore

  52. Doboy: I’ve been to ihop and had one of their burgers before-
    Doboy: Cuz I’m just fat

  53. Meg is looking kind of round like she can roll in my house and make some banging thai noodles. If you thought this was disrespectful, your birth giver is a hoe.

  54. You guys do realize it was a publicity stunt right? And all y’all fell for it ??‍♂️ ? The name change is temporary.

  55. One of my dreams is to go to ihop and try their pancakes. I’ve never been! And now I may never be able to if they keep up with this bs. And I’m vegetarian so this burger thing is never going to be okay with me.

  56. Yoo my guy said “it’s not April fools or nothing” … all I’m saying is fuck that shit, I’m not going to IHOP/ihob for a burger. It’s like burger king changing it’s name to pancake king. Hashtag CUT IT OUT.


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