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Deon Cole Intervention

Deon Cole is busting Brothers that “talk white.”


  1. everybody’s got a schtick, acting one way in public and another way in private, a different presentation to a different community. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all gotta survive in different communities. All the world’s a stage, we are all players with various scenes and dialogs. so what. this is a great video, with lots of truth to it.

  2. This is not talking white. Talking black doesn’t even exist. I’m black and I don’t talk like that EVER.. So, am I white or alien?

  3. I watched a man eat a burger with a knife and fork. His white friend was uncomfortable I made sure I let him know I was watching him, diner. Manhattan 14th/6th

  4. The hypocrisy of ignorance ! To present a language for o nly white people ! I know it’s a joke but there are people that actually enlarge it !

  5. Makes me want chicken right now and it’s 4 am. I’m a damn loser! ?! Of course I could have chicken, and bacon and eggs, toast and grape juice! Dammit. Now I’m hungry.

  6. What time you get off work?
    When I want to, they not about to work me like no slave ???
    This is sooo me lol but I stay longer than my shift ???

  7. I’ve been black all of my life (as if I had a choice) and this will always be funny to me. I mean, its super relatable.


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