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By Guest Writer • 21 November 2022 • 16:47
Lucy Amans on stage at Louis Louie Estepona Credit: Lucy Amans

Having decided that she needed a fresh start, Lucy was persuaded by a friend to spend Christmas and the New Year on the Costa del Sol and literally within a matter of days, she found herself a job in Gibraltar and a place to live.
She is still in the same job but has lived in a number of different towns along the coast before finally settling on Estepona.
Lucy said “Whilst I enjoy working in Gibraltar, I don’t think I want to live there as it is a bit confining and I just love living in Spain and enjoying the way of life.”
When asked what made her decide that she wanted to become a comedian, Lucy explained that she had always been a bit of a joker at school and made people laugh but had some problems with self-confidence so never saw herself getting up in front of an audience.
That all changed however when she attended a one-off comedy event in Torremolinos before the pandemic and started chatting to British comedian Nik Coppin who was also running a special course to help people become stand-up comedians.
“The comedy course with Nik was absolutely fantastic. In just two days I went from a quivering anxious on-stage mess to a confident new stand-up at the final showcase. Some people even laughed!
“Nik and I became great friends and I suggested to him that there was a definite hunger for regular English comedy here on the coast and if he could organise the comedians, I would find venues and cover front of house.”
Their first event took place at the Louie Louie club in Estepona and was a sell out which encouraged them to keep going and they ran a total of four shows in 2019 before the pandemic brought everything to a halt.
Not daunted however, as soon as it was considered safe and comedians could travel over from the UK, it was ‘game on’ again and Lucy even joined in for number of shows.
By now they have expanded to take in different parts of the Costa del Sol and are holding shows every three months at three or four Spanish venues as well as Gibraltar.
There seems to be a real hunger for British comedy in Gibraltar as apart from their regular shows, the Rock has welcomed Alan Carr, Jimmy Carr, Russell Kane and Sarah Millican and Lucy went to all of the shows not only to have a laugh but to study the comedian’s different techniques.
As she has become more confident, she has travelled back to the UK to take part in stand-up shows and plans to take part in the Brighton and Edinburgh fringe next year.
“My comedy is based on my life, it’s rather self-deprecating but not in a sad way and so far, it has been well-received and because the audience at the shows tend to return regularly, I’ve not had to cope with any heckling although I have a few put downs ready just in case.”
Although Lucy won’t be performing in the December shows, she will be there on the door ready to meet and greet so visit for details of the forthcoming shows.
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