Is Chris Redd okay? Injuries explored as SNL comedian hospitalized after being punched with brass knuckles – Sportskeeda

Is Chris Redd okay? Injuries explored as SNL comedian hospitalized after being punched with brass knuckles – Sportskeeda

Former Saturday Night Live member Chris Redd was attacked near a comedy club on the night of October 26, 2022. The incident took place outside the Comedy Cellar at around 9:40 pm when Redd reached the venue.
Following the assault, EMS arrived at the spot and Redd was immediately hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan and released later. Representatives for Redd and Comedy Cellar have not yet commented on the incident.
Chris is expected to perform in a few shows, with three shows scheduled for Thursday at the Comedy Cellar. He will also perform at a show at the City Winery on October 30, 2022.
Chris Redd was hospitalized after being assaulted outside Comedy Cellar but has since been released. Given that he has been released, it seems like he may not have suffered life-threatening injuries.
Redd was attacked by two men after he came out of his car and both the suspects were wearing brass knuckles. TMZ’s sources revealed that Redd’s eyes and nose were injured due to which he needed stitches. Both individuals were wearing security guard outfits and their faces were covered with masks.
One of the men first approached and attacked Chris while the other stood on the other side of the street, keeping an eye on the entire location. Meanwhile, Redd could not identify any of his attackers, and police officers have already acquired surveillance footage from which they are expected to catch the culprits.
A few witnesses said that Redd’s Greg Yuna chain was snatched by the attackers but it fell apart on the street. Although it seems like the motive behind the incident was robbery, confirmation on the same is still awaited.
Chris Redd has been a cast member of Saturday Night Live since 2017 and has received the Primetime Emmy Award for his work on the show.
Initially, he did some rapping before shifting to sketch comedy and joined comedy classes at a Chicago-based comedy club, Jokes & Notes. Later, he joined another comedy group, The Second City, and moved to Los Angeles to become an actor.
Redd appeared in a 2016 mockumentary, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and in 2017, he appeared in a Netflix series Disjointed. That same year, he joined Saturday Night Live and his celebrity impressions on the show include U.S. Senator Cory Booker, Kanye West, Sterling K. Brown, and others.
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The 37-year-old’s stand-up comedy album, But Here We Are, was released in March 2019. He then appeared in a comedy series, Kenan, and will appear in the biographical film, Spinning Gold.
He has previously appeared in the comedy series Bust Down, where he portrayed a discontented casino employee, followed by a stand-up comedy special on HBO Max.
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