It’s Mukesh Ambani’s world — and we’re just living in it – Rest of World

It’s Mukesh Ambani’s world — and we’re just living in it – Rest of World

Imagine if everything in your home came from just one company. Or, to be more precise, from companies that are ultimately led by one individual: a single person whose brands sell you the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the fuel you fill your car with, and even the internet you’re reading this with.
That’s the reality for many Indians, who rely on products, food, and services from the vast array of companies controlled by or partnered with Mukesh Ambani. He’s not just among India’s richest men, according to Forbes; with a net worth of $90.7 billion, he’s also been in the top 10 of its Billionaires List for the past three years.
Ambani’s wealth comes from the enormous Reliance Industries conglomerate. Since taking over from his father, Ambani has turned Reliance — once known for textiles and petrochemicals — into a digital powerhouse. He’s grown the company’s reach through acquisitions and partnerships to reach retail, telecommunications, media, and so much more, creating an empire with unimaginable reach.
Don’t believe us? We’ll show you. Scroll down and join us for an illustrated journey through the lives of ordinary Indians — and the many, many ways in which Ambani touches their world.
Additional credits: Ravi Hiranand, Anup Kaphle, Katherine Lee, Lily Lou, Jane O’Donoghue, Itika Sharma Punit, Anna Rasshivkina, Khushbu Shah, Amy Thorpe, Cengiz Yar


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