Jack in the Box Releases Limited Edition Mark Hamill Comic Book – Nerds and Beyond

Following Star Wars legend Mark Hamill’s epic recent visit to an old haunt — Jack in the Box — the fast food chain has decided to celebrate the Return of the Jedi with a limited edition comic book.
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Hamill was once an employee at Jack in the Box. However, the company clearly didn’t get the memo that they had a to-be star in their midst, as he was eventually fired due to his tendency to use character voices while working the drive thru.
The Return of Mark Hamill comic book is now available for free (both digitally and physically) via the Jack in the Box Swag Shop. Don’t miss your chance to own a copy of a legendary tale decades in the making!
In case you missed it, watch Hamill’s redemption lap at the Jack in the Box drive thru.


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