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In a viral video, popular Jamaican comedian Oliver Samuels is expressing his dissatisfaction with the nation’s declaration of the 12 days of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8.
According to government information, Jamaica started an official period of mourning for the queen on September 8. The period will last until September 19, which is designated as the Day of National Mourning.
In his two-minute 48-second clip, he said as a “…Citizen of the world … as a citizen of Jamaica … sometimes certain things happen and yuh have to express yuh views”.
Speaking to his “world fambily,” he conveyed his belief that the period was insignificant in light of the country’s independence.
“…Now listen to mi, the Queen … Queen Elizabeth II of England has passed on, and may her soul rest in peace. But listen now, after 50 … a wha’? …60 years … of Independence, do you think any independent nation within the Caribbean shoulda a talk ‘bout seh dem a go have 12 days of mourning? Mourning for what? Eeh?” he asked.
Oliver Samuels further expressed that if the country is celebrating its independence, it should take control of its destiny.
“Inna we desperation, di Queen neva see it fit fi seh mek she gi we something. We have declared our Independence and therefore we haffi mek wi owna decision. We haffi determine wi owna destiny. That is what I think independence is. I still cannot understand why this woman was the head of Jamaica, and we have a governor general, when we claim seh we have independence,” he expressed.
In a similar vein to Barbados, he urged Jamaica to “shelf all remnants of the British monarchy and tek on fi wi destiny honestly.”
Speaking directly to Prime Minister Andrew Holness, he vehemently opposed the period of mourning emphasizing its insignificance, while encouraging his “world family” to express their views on the matter.
“Now, Mr. Prime Minister of Jamaica, I am in total disagreement with the fact that you are declaring 12 days of mourning for the Queen. Yuh hear whe mi tell yuh sah? Mi really, really nuh tink it necessary. And world fambily, as i said to yuh, mi want oonu express onnuself. Tell me what oonu tink. Yuh hear mi world fambily? ‘Cause, who am I? I am just a mere likkle Jamaican Caribbean man in the world. And a so mi see it, and a so mi express it.”
In marking the death of the queen, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) advised last Thursday that no celebratory activities or events should be held from September 8 to 19.
“On the Day of Mourning, the public should note that only authorized activities related to the day are approved and that all social events should be postponed,” the OPM stated.
A condolence book was also established at the King’s House from September 12 to September 19, 2022, to be signed by dignitaries on a predetermined schedule.
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