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Jamie Foxx hosts ‘The BET Awards’

Jamie Foxx hosts ‘The BET Awards’


Jamie Foxx recently hosted the 2018 BET Awards show and of course he stirred the pot, making light of a few notable beefs. Foxx mentioned a major beef thats been overlooked, Mo’Nique vs. Oprah. Foxx jokingly called for a truce.

If you recall, Mo’Nique hit the stage during one of her comedy shows to tell Oprah, as well as her fellow media mogul Lee Daniels, to “s*ck her d*ck’ (click here if you missed that). In case you don’t know what happened, or forgot, check out the recap from “Straight From the A”: Mo’Nique Explains History Behind Oprah Beef

Monique has yet to respond (though she shouldn’t), but retweeted the following message:

@moworldwide What that host did to your great name last night exemplifies a true problem with some in black Hollywood. Only speak out to silence fellow victims. That was not funny, it was sad!

Foxx calling for peace is kinda odd because he’s had so many beefs over the years. LL Cool J wanted to get him alone in a room to throw hands. Corey Holcomb, former personality on now defunct Foxxhole radio really dislikes him and Howard Stern alluded to some pretty dirty laundry about the actor/comedian/singer.

Then there’s Doug Williams, we don’t know where he is, or what he’s doing, but I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten the night Foxx destroyed him (it was funny though). And who can forget Katt Williams’s rant at a Los Angeles show, “Who’s gay?” Katt asked, “JAMIE FOXX” he continued. Oh wait, we forgot about the penis slapping allegations, those ladies can’t be too happy either.

So yeah, comedians and Black entertainers really need to stick together and squash beefs, but come on Jamie, you have a few smoldering fires that need extinguishing. The bible said it best, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, or clean his ish first.

Anyway, back to the BET Awards. Foxx’s performance gained largely positive reviews on social media, reminding viewers that, yes, he really can sing. The Anita Baker tribute was pretty good and for the most part, he held the audiences attention. The impromptu bits with Donald Glover and Michael B. Jordan were rather awkward, and calling out MoNique was in poor taste, BUT- dude has won an academy award, and his resume is pretty dang extensive, so he gets creative license to try new things and say what he wants.

However, MoNique is a Queen of Comedy, tread softly brother Foxx. Don’t get the good sister started.


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