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JB Smoove gets booed, then bodied

JB Smoove gets booed, then bodied


JB Smoove gets bodied by All Def DigitalShots Fired! Shots Fired!

So comedy OG JB Smoove got booed in Atlanta. Not a big deal, it happens, right? Yes, but the internet is unforgiving and it went hard on the brother via All Def Digital. See video on facebook.

Let us begin by declaring our continued appreciation for JB Smoove. We once saw this dude send a woman to the emergency room at CoCo’s House of Comedy in Detroit. He was just too damn funny, she couldn’t take it. So today we wonder why the good folks at All Def Digital chose to slaughter the OG like this. Oh we’re sure there’s probably some bad blood somewhere, maybe someone rubbed someone the wrong way back in the day, or recently. Perhaps someone didn’t get paid, or didn’t get paid enough. Or maybe its the good-ole ‘he-said, she-said’ drama. OR, maybe its just a publicity stunt (which we hope it is). Either way, We’re just sick and tired of these comic-on-comic crimes. ESPECIALLY when its a cool cat like JB Smoove (Unless its really funny).

Good Ole JB Smoove

Hate to see a good dude get bodied like this, to para-phase an oldie but goody, “My baby ain’t neva’ hurt nobody. . . .” Why would such a innocent, fun loving dude get treated like this? Hmmm, there was that Dave Chappelle snub. Okay, to be fair and impartial that may or may not have happened (We thought it did, but on further review, it could’ve gone either way). Was this a revenge ploy enacted by a secret agent placed into A.D.D. by the Chappelle Machine? Nah, couldn’t be. Comics aren’t vengeful, right? (Don’t answer that)

Bombs Away

Back to the video. We’re still not over the fact that A.D.D. went in on him, but all is fair in comedy and politics. Watching the video, it appears to be a perfect storm. JB was performing in Atlanta Georgia during Martin Lawrence’s “Lit AF Tour.” The crowd was tough from the gate, but JB started off kinda slow. He got into a rant rather quickly, and the brothers pounced. It’s tragic, but everybody bombs sometimes. We just wonder why JB didn’t “BRING IT” like he always has.

JB is usually a high energy guy, but the below clip shows a subdued Smoove. WHICH IS REALLY crazy because he was on a high-powered show. Who wouldn’t go hard on a stage with Adele Givens (one of the funniest real-sisters alive), Benji Brown, Michael Blackson AND Martin Lawrence? Why wouldn’t JB go beast mode amongst high-energy, prime-time, seasoned comics such as these? The world may never know, but we’re willing to bet it’ll never happen again.

Nor will we know why A.D.D. chose to make a mockery of the OG. . . . . but damn its funny.



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