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Jimmy Kimmel introduced Kentucky comedian Ariel Elias onto his show with a request to the audience: “Do not throw your beers.”
Elias made her late-night television debut Monday night, a few weeks after someone threw a full beverage at her during a stand-up set in New Jersey. Her upbringing as a “Kentucky Jew” was among the topics she joked about during her set on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Elias, who grew up in Lexington and appeared on TV that night sporting a yellow sweatshirt with a groovy “Kentucky” decal across the front, leaned into Bluegrass State stereotypes during her time on national TV, joking at one point that her parents’ requirement that she dated a fellow Jewish person narrowed her options back home.
“The choices are my dad or my brother. That’s it – which, in Kentucky is fine, but they’re just not my type,” she joked.
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Elias wrapped up her set with a quip that she had one friend in Sunday School who believed since Elias was “a Jewish,” she was “going to hell” (although it came from “a place of love,” at least).
“Oh wow, you think about me on the weekends? That’s so nice,” she said.
Quick comebacks like that seem to be Elias’ specialty, if her reaction in the viral video earlier this month is any indicator.
In that video, an audience member is shown continually asking the comedian if she voted for former President Donald Trump as she tries to move the questions-and-answers portion of her set in a different direction. Evetually, a beer can is shown flying past her head and smashing into the wall behind her – she responded by picking up the drink and chugging what was left.
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Several comedians, including Dan Wilbur, Whitney Cummings and Patton Oswalt, spoke up in support for Elias on social media after the incident, which attracted plenty of attention after a video of it was posted online. She’s given several interviews in the weeks since and said earlier this month that she continues to joke about the event to help process the trauma from the scary moment.
Check out the video from her TV appearance Monday night:
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