Joe Rogan Reveals Dave Chappelle’s Involvement in Him Spending Thousands of Dollars. – EssentiallySports

Joe Rogan Reveals Dave Chappelle’s Involvement in Him Spending Thousands of Dollars. – EssentiallySports

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Joe Rogan is the UFC’s color commentator along with a few other identities. Some know him as a seasoned comedian, while to others, he is a former TV host. Rogan’s podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ boasts unmatched popularity. His combined works in multiple fields have gone on to make Joe Rogan a well-known face in the entire West and beyond. UFC fans have often seen Joe Rogan dressed in a suit. But, little do they know that Rogan trusts only the best when it comes to his suits.
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On the Latest episode of ‘JRE’. Rogan was joined by the noted stand-up comic, actor, and host of the podcast “You Know What Dude!”, Robert Kelly. The two talked about various experiences and relived the beginning of their days in comedy. Also, an interesting fact came up during this conversation regarding Joe Rogan’s suits.
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Talking about the legendary comedian, Louis C.K., Rogan mentioned, “Remember he was wearing suits for a while?”. Kelly seemed to bear no memory of this incident as he asked,“When?”
Rogan replied, “Oh yeah, he wore a suit for a like 2018, the Special 2018”. Rogan also stated how ‘the 2018’ comedy special by Louis C.K, was a great special”. The ‘JRE’ host also described that he had also talked to Louis while they were at a store. Louis had stated to Rogan how he likes going on stage with suits.”
Kelly questioned Rogan, “You do suits now, right?”
Rogan replied that he “occasionally does suits”. He also said, “I started doing suits when I started doing shows with Chapelle. Coz, Dave and I were doing these arenas, and then one day I showed up to the studios.” With themselves well into the professional comedy setup now, Rogan stated how Dave Chapelle started getting into suits.
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The former Fear Factor host didn’t want to get left behind. Rogan stated, “then I got David August to make me some custom suits.”
Rogan also described his performance at the MGM arena, where he wore ‘Reservoir Dogsuits.
David August is an organization that creates exclusive, high-end, and opulent clothes. The apparel line first debuted in 1989, and as the years have gone by, its reputation has grown significantly.
Among David August’s most notable ventures are his collaborations with Will Smith, Elon Musk, Kobe Bryant, Robert Downey Jr., and most importantly the MMA star, ‘Mystic Mac’, Conor McGregor.
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However, a purchaser will need to spend between $12K and $15K to purchase a fully customized work from David August. These high-end and costly apparels can be afforded by the ones with the finances like the above-mentioned celebrities or Joe Rogan only.
Have you ever owned a piece by David august?
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