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Katt Williams on ‘Black-Ish’

Katt Williams on ‘Black-Ish’


Katt WilliamsKatt Williams on Blackish

The best show on television is getting better.

Despite the loss of phenomenal show runner Kenya Barris, Blackish is without doubt, the best comedy on television. Not the best Black show, or the best comedy, the best show period. It’s well-written, funny, relatable and it seamlessly weaves Black culture into mainstream television. Now its doubling down by adding the funniest man in America, Katt Williams.

New role for Katt Williams

Williams will be portraying the estranged father of Kyra (Quvenzhané Wallis), a young cousin of Dre’s who spends time with the Johnsons when her mom isn’t fully equipped to take care of her. Which is the perfect role for the comic who’s on his self-professed, 5th-3rd second chance.  Despite his numerous bouts with drama and visitations to holding cells, the show’s current stars are rooting for him. Both Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson want Katt to succeed. To which we send kudos to Brother Anderson, how many comics would welcome a bigger comic to their stage? THIS is the type of love we’ve been waiting to see in comedy. Can’t wait to see the on-screen chemistry

Emmy Winning Katt

The 47-year-old actor is no stranger to television. Who remembers Freddie on the underrated “Tracey Morgan Show?” A Pimp Named Slickback on the “Boondocks? or his Emmy winning performance as Alligator on “Atlanta?” Williams is a bonafied difference maker on television. From what we’ve heard, Katt will only hold cameo appearances on Black-ish, but we hope that evolves into a permanent role. Remember Next Friday? When the miniature magnate of the mic stepped on-screen and stole the show, that’s what we imagine for Blackish.

Snaps and clap-backs?

But we have one concern, an itsy-bitsy matter of personalities. Not with the good brother Anthony Anderson or the gorgeous Tracee Ross (have you seen those pics, OMG!), we’re kinda worried about Katt and Jenifer Lewis. She can be a handful (has anyone released the videos’ from last years Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage?). We’re sure the low-key, king of snapping Deon Cole would have a few funnies to drop on Katt. The roasting sessions between these three might be painful for show executives, but it’d be funny as hell. (We’ll need those outtakes posted to social media, please and thank-you.)

The best has gotten better. If you haven’t already done so, set your DVR’s for Blackish. 


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