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LAPD Storm Tyrese’s Home


Has Tyrese finally Lost It?!
After days of back and forth banter between funnyman Micheal Blackson and recently troubled Tyrese, things got heated. An Instagram post shot at Tyreses home showed a bound and gagged Blackson being berated by the angry R&B superstar. Shortly after hitting the internet, the video showed up at the LAPD. Cops rushed to Tyrese’s home early Monday morning to find Blackson tied up in his underwear, looking distressed in Tyrese’s home … as Tyrese ate ramen noodles.
When cops arrived at Tyrese’s home they spoke with his security and were told the video was a well-produced “joke,” and Blackson was totally in on it.
Crisis averted. And well played … by Tyrese and Blackson.
We’re glad Tyrese has a sense of humor and he hasn’t “lost it” as recent posts suggested, He SO FUNNY! Take a look at the video, buy Tyrese’s albums and check out Shayla Rocks!!


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