Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock – Make Movies Not Beef

Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock – Make Movies Not Beef

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Make movies, not beef!Lavel Crawford & Tony Rock Beef

Here we go again, another public beef amongst comics. This time its Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock. From what we gather it started during a Lavell Crawford interview with vLad TV. Apparently Lavell had this to say about Tony: “I think he’s funny, I’m not taking that away from him but you go in. . . off of your people. I didn’t have a famous fucking brother to get off of. I had to come with it myself.”

Of course Tony clapped back with a reference to ‘stomping Lavell out,’ which is never good, especially when Lavell is a student of martial arts. Quite frankly, we’re tired of the beefs. Especially one that involves two beloved comedians. Sure, in the past we’ve applauded comedy beefs, they were entertaining. Kat Williams versus Steve Harvey was funny because nobody was going to get hurt. The Kevin Hart versus Mike Epps battle is captivating for the same reasons, noone will get hurt. Kevin and Mike are social media mavericks who keep it entertaining, their beef is actually funny, but it looks like this is more than comedy.

Comedy Fights

The Jamie Foxx versus Doug Williams murder was hard to watch, as was the Aries Spears versus Zo Williams fight. We’d hate to hear about Lavell and Tony throwing hands. Instead of stomping each other out, how about making a movie? We’re a culture who loves throwbacks and remakes, how about Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock as long lost brothers, ala’ the Danny Devito & Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, “Twins.” Wouldn’t that be better than seeing shaky cell phone footage of Lavell tossing Tony around a dressing room? Or Tony’s goons rushing a stage to stomp Lavell? We think so. We think a movie where fast-talking Tony Rock shows Lavell the streets of New York would be hilarious.

We’re tired of black on black crime, especially in the world of entertainment. Let’s stop it now. The realest entertainers in the world are comics, they relate to audiences in a way no other art-form can match. Because comics are usually relatable their words and actions have a profound effect on the communities they entertain. Comics are thought-leaders, plain and simple. Comedians, the characters they create and the stories they tell drive pop culture. Wouldn’t it be great to see them drive it to a place of civility and understanding?

We Need A Classic

Lavell Crawford & Tony Rock are the People’s Champs of comedy. They’re real, they’re approachable and they shouldn’t be beefing.  Make a movie guys, make us double over in laughter like Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence did in life. Use your contrasting styles and persona to create magic on a movie screen. We don’t want to see a fight, we want to see a damn good movie featuring two beloved comics. You two have street cred and you’re both funny, go make a classic! . . . or don’t, but whatever you do, end the beef. Please.


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