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This article discusses 10 series like Reboot you must watch.
Hulu’s latest comedy series Reboot is now available to watch on the streaming platform. If you are a fan of this hilarious new show and are looking for something similar to binge-watch, then you happen to be in luck. Here is a list of ten amazing series to get stuck into after you are all caught up with Reboot. These shows either follow a similar comedy sensibility to Reboot or are set within the same crazy world of the entertainment industry just like the Hulu original.
Hacks (2021 – present)
This HBO Max comedy drama sprung straight to mind after watching the debut episode of Reboot. Both shows focus on a determined, edgy writer, who is trying to make it big in Hollywood. The main characters in Hacks are Deborah Vance, an aging comic and her comedy assistant Ava Daniels. Their relationship mirrors that of Hannah and Gordon’s in Reboot. Hacks is an award-winning masterpiece that is easily one of my favorite shows of the year. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The first two seasons are currently available on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Extras (2005 – 2007)
Ricky Gervais’ follow-up to The Office only ran for two seasons (with a Christmas special), but it stands as one of his finest achievements. The British sitcom tells the story of struggling actor Andy Millman as he plays extras on a range of sets with best friend Maggie. Andy finally hit the big time when his sitcom When The Whistle Blows was eventually green lit. This show within a show format is extremely similar to that used in Reboot. Both are hilariously funny, with authentic portrayals of the behind the scenes world of filmmaking.
Modern Family (2009 – 2020)
Reboot creator Steven Levitan was also the co-creator of Modern Family, a family sitcom that ran for 11 seasons with over 250 episodes recorded. The series follows three linked, but entirely different families in a mockumentary style format, with those now commonplace confessional interview segments. The show was hugely influential and garnered a massive fan base over the years. Levitan would take his skills from this behemoth production and utilize them in the Hulu original Reboot.
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (2006 – 2007)
Aaron Sorkin’s comedy drama series centers on the production of a live comedy show, almost identical to that of Saturday Night Live. The series gave viewers a fascinating behind the scenes look at the TV industry’s inner workings, whilst producing satirical comedy and plenty of farfetched antics to enjoy. It had the potential to be a runaway success, but was abruptly cancelled early on due to its expensive budgetary requirements. Sorkin would go on to other TV and movie successes, but this one has a special place in my memories.
Key and Peele (2012 – 2015)
One of the many highlights of Reboot is Keegan-Michael Key’s performance as Reed Sterling. It was almost like this role was handwritten for Key. He is clearly having a lot of fun as the pretentious, egotistical actor in the show’s first season run. Key rose to fame in the American sketch show Key and Peele, which he starred in and co-created with filmmaker Jordan Peele. The Comedy Central series ran for five seasons and was applauded for its infectious humor and ballsy originality.
BoJack Horseman (2014 – 2020)
The Netflix animated series stars Will Arnett in the titular role as a has-been actor famous for a nineties sitcom called Horsin’ Around. The failed star tries to make a comeback with a tell-all biography. There are plenty of parallels between this series and Reboot, yet for an added bonus, some of the Reboot stars also make appearances in the adult animation as well. Keegan-Michael Key plays a billionaire bachelor in a handful of episodes and Rachel Bloom has a minor role in the show as well.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999 – present)
It may seem daunting to start watching a show that has been running since the late nineties, with a twelfth season already in the works over at HBO, but this comedy series is well worth your time. The sitcom is created by and stars Larry David (Seinfeld) as an authentic version of himself. It’s another show that explores the crazy world of Hollywood, with a semi-fictionalized account of this unique industry from Larry David’s own personal experiences and point-of-view. This awkward and often hilarious situational comedy really deserves the critical acclaim it has been bestowed – one of the all-time greats.
GLOW (2017 – 2019)
This Netflix original was cancelled far before its time, but still merits a binge-watch. The title, which is an abbreviation of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling pretty much sums up the premise. This three season comedy drama explores the highs and lows of women’s professional wrestling in the eighties. There are some stand-out performances in this witty drama, especially from lead actors Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron. I remember the show for its exceptional writing, iconic performances and stunning soundtrack – a must-watch.

30 Rock (2006 – 2020)
Do you see a theme here? 30 Rock is another sitcom set in the entertainment industry. Tina Fey’s wildly successful series ran for seven seasons, following the day to day dramas thrown at head writer Liz Lemon (Fey) on a fictional NBC sketch comedy series. Just like Reboot, the main star is a female writer traversing the tricky world of American TV with many narcissistic actors to endure.
The Newsroom (2012 – 2014)
Last but no means least, Aaron Sorkin’s political drama The Newsroom is another well-crafted series that focuses on the making of a TV show. This time around it’s a fictional news channel, with Jeff Daniels playing troubled anchor Will McAvoy. This three-season-long drama may be sickly sweet at times and not all of its comedy lands, but it does win you over by the end. Filled with Sorkin’s quint-essential mannerisms and some dynamite performances, this is another behind-the-scenes drama that will tide you over once you have finished with the first season of Hulu’s Reboot.
Do you have any other recommendations for series like Reboot? Let us know!
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