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Lil Rel shades the Last OG

Lil Rel shades the Last OG


Lil Rel feels Tracy Morgan disrespected and “hated” on Tiffany Haddish during a recent interview — and says Tracy’s show, “The Last O.G.,” would be irrelevant without her!!!

Rel — who starred on “The Carmichael Show” with Haddish — is responding to Morgan’s appearance on ‘Vulture Spot‘ last week when he was asked if it’s been cool watching Tiffany’s career blow up!

Softball question, right? Wrong.

“We’re not gonna go there,” Morgan said … “because this isn’t Tiffany’s show. This is Tracy Morgan. This is ‘The Last O.G.'” Morgan says he was trying to make the point he didn’t want to “just shine a light on Tiffany.”

And he was RIGHT! Tracy is a comedy legend, he doesn’t play second fiddle to anybody, especially on his show. While Tiffany is talented and its obviously her time to shine, her light can’t shade The Last OG. But Chicago native and former co-star of the “Carmichael Show” thinks differently.

lil rel versus tracy morgan

Lil Rel seems like a cool dude, and he probably feels like he’s rescuing a damsel in distress, but we think Tiff can handle herself. Which by the way, Tiffany hasn’t addressed the comment yet. She’s probably too busy promoting her upcoming film with Kevin Hart, or planning her Netflix shows, or the other ga-zillion projects she’s producing/starring in.

But, Lil Rel and his cape wasn’t havin’ it and threw shaddy social media shots on Twitter (aka soy beef), saying, “This is one hating ass dude right here. That show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it… Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!”

What-the-what? Why-oh-why must comics throw so much hate at each other, aren’t the agents, bookers and promoters doing enough? Comics gotta stick together, especially those atop the food chain, time to set better examples for the young comics and the kids who adore you all. We really expect more from Rel, since we know him to be a down-to-earth, stand-up guy. And we KNOW Rel wouldn’t allow a co-star on the upcoming “Rel” show (featuring Sinbad,), to stand him up.

We should note Rel only posted a portion of the ‘Vulture’ interview (click here for full interview), maybe he didn’t see the rest. Maybe he took it too personally because of his great relationship with Tiffany. Maybe he simply dislikes Tracy Morgan, we aren’t sure. But this fake beef has to stop. Duke it out or hug it out, but don’t let it be a social media thing, that’ ain’t “G.”

In the expanded version Morgan balances the conversation, saying he loves Tiffany ” . . and considers all of the actors on his show to be a family. As should all comics. Come on family, can’t we all just get along?



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