Loyisa Gola is bringing his latest comedy special home in October – CapeTalk 567

Loyisa Gola is bringing his latest comedy special home in October – CapeTalk 567

Clarence Ford spoke to South African comedian Loyiso Gola about his newest show and what to expect.
Gola was born in Cape Town and has gained international recognition as a comedian.
His show will take place on 21 and 22 October in Cape Town.
Gola grew up in Gugulethu and has gone on to become an internationally celebrated comedian.
Gola said that a combination of discipline and passion gave him the drive to become a renowned comedian and said he would continue with his passion even if it was not making money.
Sometimes your passion does not have to make you money.
His latest comedy special he will be looking into pop culture and culture in general throughout the years and how it has impacted our lives.
I did this show in the UK… and I wanted to bring it home and do the same material.
The show will take place on 21 and 22 October at the Homecoming Centre in Cape Town.
Listen to the audio above for more.
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