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The MCU has built a large foundation of memorable and funny characters who can make audiences laugh like they would at a comedy show.
The MCU is as popular as ever with new releases, such as She-Hulk: Attorney At Law and Ms. Marvel. Part of what has made these Marvel projects so successful is the fact that both Jennifer Walters and Kamala Khan are both empowering and hilarious characters. Whether it's through their sarcastic comments or jokey mannerisms, fans just can't seem to get enough of them.
However, they aren't the only ones that stand out. Throughout the MCU's 14-year run, the world has been introduced to a variety of characters that are so funny, they would make great comedians in the real world.
When it comes to sarcasm, no one can compete with Tony Stark. As a billionaire playboy philanthropist, Stark has a sassy attitude and delivers witty one-liners.
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Stark always has perfect sarcastic replies in his dialogues with other characters, and this is a valuable trait as a comedian. He would be great at stand-up improvisation and would absolutely bully hecklers from the crowd. Stark is also talented at coming up with nicknames for others, such as "point break" for Thor.
Among the funniest and most powerful characters in the MCU is Thor. The God of Thunder may have always been strong, but he wasn't always a comedic relief. In Thor, he was only funny due to his lack of social skills on Earth. However, over time, Chris Hemsworth really developed with his character and grew funnier.
Thor's comedic ability really shines in Thor: Ragnarok, where he steals the show with every scene. Lines such as "he's a friend from work" and "let's do get help" are delivered in a way that truly makes audiences laugh. Thor commonly misunderstands sarcasm from others, which can also be entertaining and he would make a great standup comedic duo with Tony Stark.
Doctor Steven Strange has the best insults in the MCU. He is at his funniest when he is making fun of another character for doing something dumb or immature. He's a lot like Tony Stark in this regard.
Strange's humor is best displayed when he's interacting with Spider-Man. The two characters make a great comedic combo because Peter Parker is always saying something immature that Doctor Strange capitalizes on with an insult or disappointed facial expression. Much like Stark, Strange would be phenomenal at making fun of people in the crowd during a standup routine.
Michelle Jones possesses a genuine skill when it comes to new-age comedy. She's extremely talented at saying funny things in response to the actions of others around her.
It's easy to understand why MJ would make for a great comedian when realizing that she's arguably funnier than Peter Parker. Spider-Man often does something immature that isn't inherently funny, but is then made funny by MJ's responses and sarcasm. Her interactions with her crowd would definitely be entertaining.
When it comes to deception and manipulation, Loki is one of the most talented characters in the MCU, thanks to Tom Hiddleston's performance. He's also a master of charisma, and charisma is a vital attribute for any comedian.
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As a standup comedian, Loki would undoubtedly excel at one on one interactions with audience members. He would ask certain questions that would then lead to a funny psychoanalysis of his target. He would also do well with unexpected jokes. Maneuvering the crowd down a path that led to a completely unexpected punchline would be a very Loki thing to do.
Scott Lang is one of the most charming people in the entire MCU. Paul Rudd is a likable actor and does an amazing job at making Ant-Man relatable and funny. In both Ant-Man films, he's constantly producing quotes that make us love Scott Lang.
Lang excels at a style of humor that's almost lowbrow in quality. He isn't one of the smartest characters in the MCU, but his denseness makes him likable. As a standup comedian, he would be great at playfully chatting with his audience and making family-style jokes.
With her first appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, Valkyrie became a fan-favorite character in the Thor franchise. She came fully stacked with a sarcastic personality and witty humor.
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In a standup act, Valkyrie would display her humor through unexpected interactions and insults. It's easy to imagine her having a genuine conversation with members of her audience followed by her throwing a sarcastic jab when they least expect it. If Valkyrie can successfully make fun of the God of Thunder, then imagine what she could do to others.
Guardians of the Galaxy introduced many entertaining and quirky characters to the MCU. One of those characters was Rocket Raccoon, whose sarcasm remains top tier.
What makes Rocket so funny is his anger as a little raccoon and his roasts of other characters. He has the ability to tear someone down with insults alone, as he did with Tazer Face in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. As a comedian, Rocket would also make jokes at the people in the crowd and would use angry humor (much like the late Sam Kinison).
Also a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill has certain traits that make him hilarious. His immaturity and playfulness make him fun to watch and easy to laugh with. Memes can literally sum up Star-Lord as a character.
Much like Rocket, Quill has the ability to expertly roast others, as he did to Thanos when he called his chin a nut-sack. Star-Lord also has the gift of child-like humor, which makes him likable. His dance-off with Ronan in the first Guardians film was hysterical. Quill would make for a tremendous comedian.
It is possible to be so cringey that people laugh. Jane Foster is the epitome of a purely innocent character who doesn't possess actual comedic wit. However, her trying to be funny is in and of itself funny.
As audiences witnessed in Thor: Love and Thunder, the greatest phrase Jane could come up with as a hero was "eat my hammer." This is an awkward comment but in a standup act, cringe can be a useful tool to make people laugh. There are comedians who purposefully use the element of awkwardness to make their audiences lose it. If Jane could master this art, she would actually make for a great comedian.
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