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Michael Colyar (born February 9, 1957 Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor, comedian, entertainer, voice over artist, television/radio personality, and author. He is the author of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The White House, I Knocked on The Door and a Brother Answered”, which was published in August 2012.

Colyar graduated from Morgan Park High School in 1975. Shortly after high school, he attended Olive Harvey Junior College and Chicago State University.

Colyar also did a tv show Homeboys in outer space on UPN

In 1987 Colyar did a movie Hollywood Shuffle 1990 Zapped Again 1990 Downtown 1990 The Closer 1993 What’s Love Got to Do with It 1994 House Party 3 as Showboat 1996 Welcome to Planet Earth 1998 High Freakquency 2003 The Beat 2003 Family Reunion 2004 Lexie 2005 The Big black Comedy Show: Vol. 3 2005 Before They Were Kings: Vol. 2 2005 Laffs from the Hood Vol. 1 2005 Clean up Men 2005 A Get2Gether 2008 The Longshots 2009 The Princess and The Frog 2011 Chocolate Sundaes Presents: Live on Sunset Strip!: Vol. 2

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