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Good, Funny and Dumb from Mike Epps & Kevin Hart

Good, Funny and Dumb from Mike Epps & Kevin Hart


Mike Epps, Kevin Hart & Nick Cannon. So we have good news, funny news, and dumb shit, but not in that order. The dumb ‘ish is well (we really hate to do this, with Kevin Hart having ALL THE JUICE), but the dumb ‘ish comes courtesy of Kevin Hart. Yes, the man, the myth and the biggest money making machine urban comedy has ever seen. Why? Because he went straight for his feelings when Mike Epps made a Mike Epps-esque comment.

The good and funny, Mike Epps and Nick Cannon are comics-comics. They know social media is all fun and games, and we appreciate that.

47-year-old Mike Epps and 39-year-old Kevin Hart have a history of feuding. It seemed things were cool when Epps uploaded an Instagram video with Hart last year. The caption for that clip read, “Nothing but love @kevinhart4real.”

However, this week saw the two stand-up comics clashing once again. Epps hopped into the IG comment section for a Comedy Hype post covering him saying everybody is funnier than Hart.

This led to Epps and Hart exchanging words on the social media platform. Kevin wrote:

All I can say is that your a sad individual. I talked to you several times face to face in attempts to put the B.S behind us. I even reached out to u like a man and tried to get to the bottom of your bitterness. When will you realize that my success has nothing to do with you or your journey. Unlike you I want to see you win…I’m actually a fan champ. I’m praying for the day that you will realize that so many of us entertainers have a crabs in a barrell mentallity. You are the biggest crab I know…I will continue to shine and continue to make history and continue to do comedy at the HIGHEST level. If that makes u sick then so be it….I will hand u a throw up bucket because this next year that I’m about to have will be my best Mr bitter…..While u worry about this Grown Little man please know and understand that all I am worried about is SUCCESS!!!! #CatchUp

Epps fired back by stating:

you still starving to be a victim? I said it “wasn’t press worthy” and here you go as usual trying to show the world how great you are because people pick on you. Gtfoh! You have a long line of sh-t to clean up before you can hand me a MF bucket. I’ve been doing this sh-t 25+ yrs Mr. Victim. Don’t get too cute lil brother. This sh-t is a lifetime achievement. & stop following my comments around the World Wide Web. How do you find this sh-t? I talk about everybody but you always take it personal. The whole internet talk about you, so don’t stop here you got a lot of responding to do. And for everybody reading this me and Kevin been knowing each other too long so this is not a beef. If it was I would have never responded. Again, like I told you face to face Congrats on everything man. You seem to be a great person… but I stilll don’t think yo ass funny.

Wild ‘n Out creator Nick Cannon also felt the need to express his thoughts on the situation:

“OMG Back Back!! N-gga you too good with these words, make them N-ggas Back track!!!” LOL Which one of y’all is Meek and who’s Drake?? Y’all both funnier than me but both of y’all UGLY AS SH-T!!! Yeah I said it!! Now go to sleep on them expensive ass pillows!!!

Epps replied to the 37-year-old actor:

nick getcho 7/11 hat wearing ass back

Then the beef played out in the Shade Room comments section too. Cannon stated:

Lions don’t lose sleep over he opinions of Sheep!!! Kings don’t Bicker!! We too strong and beautiful to highlight hate!!! It’s enough of the white mans money to sprinkle around to make us all giggle

Epps again responded to Nick:

if you don’t shut yo drum line teen age forever lookin ass.


Shout out to Nick for being humble, AND funny, AND diffusing a situation. To the good brother Kevin Hart, YOU’RE THE FRICKING MAN! No need to ‘clap-back’ from a place of emotional distress. You make hit movies, your stand-up is hilarious and we can’t turn on a tv and not see or hear you. And we completely believe Mike when he says, “if it were a real beef” he wouldn’t have said anything. #OldSchoolRules.

Mike Epps, Kevin Hart & Nick Cannon, can’t well all just get along? I mean, its comedy. Laugh, get along and make money, or call Al Haymon to schedule a fight and make even more money. Can you imagine the PPV numbers to watch these two fight for ten rounds, mic’ed up?

Mike holds Kevin’s head with the left hand, while jabbing with right, a knock-down comes quickly.

KEVIN: “noooo, I wasn’t ready.”

MIKE: “too bad chump” (break-dances into a James brown slide then talks smack to the crowd)

REFEREE NICK CANNON: Gives Kevin a standing 8 count, then pushes him towards Mike, who’s flexing for the audience.

KEVIN: Eh, HELLO. HELLO. (trying to get Mike’s attention from the crowd) Mike. Mike Epps.

Mike turns around to a charging Kevin Hart, who hits Mike below the belt, cause that’s all he can reach.

Mike doubles-over and spits out his mouth piece, his dentures plop out as well.. .

See, instead of making it dramatic and full of emotion, it can all be SoFunny.  Somebody call HBO.



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