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Mike Epps Versus Kevin Hart


Mike Epps versus Kevin HartThe Mike Epps versus Kevin Hart saga is so entertaining we had to animate it, with Nick Cannon of course. If you aren’t up on the latest, check out the tea here.

This thing has all the intrigue and hype of the Thrilla in Manilla. Two heavyweight, veteran comics going toe to toe in a comedic slugfest is EXACTLY what the industry needs. In an era of fly-by-night stars and social media comics, we sure could use an good, old-fashioned beef. Hopefully these two will keep the beef comical (instead of taking the 50 cent / Money Mayweather route).

Shout out to Nick Cannon for jumping in and keeping it comical, classy move.

Bright Idea

If we can only get them to go on tour with this, or better yet, a mock boxing match. Wouldn’t that be great? Isn’t it time we added spice to comedy shows? How about an old fashioned capping session in a boxing ring? Hell, let Nick Cannon serve as referee and the 85 South Boys commentate? Give Mike and Kevin oversized gloves, we’d pay to see that! Somebody get Al Haymon on the phone!

Stay tuned folks, we’ll keep making new episodes if y’all keep watching!


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