Nate Bargatze bringing his relatable comedy to ABQ – Albuquerque Journal

Nate Bargatze bringing his relatable comedy to ABQ – Albuquerque Journal

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Nate Bargatze is set to release his third Netflix special.
The comedian will tape his latest feature for the streaming service while performing back-to-back shows in Phoenix on Sept. 24, but two days beforehand, he visits Albuquerque.
Bargatze said that the last time he was in Albuquerque he took a self-guided “Breaking Bad” tour, but he also has ties to the state through industry friends.
“I’ve been to Albuquerque a few times,” he said. “I’m a fan.”
Bargatze is currently on “The Raincheck Tour,” which started this month and will run through the end of the year. Leading up to the Phoenix taping, he explained the September shows are vital to make sure his routine is in order, including the timing of his delivery.
“Making sure I have it all in there right, the timing right, all that kind of stuff,” he said about performing this month. “These shows will be big and important.”
The tour will feature all new material from Bargatze, who has become a popular act in stand-up comedy. He is celebrating 20 years as a comic, and has been featured a plethora of times across the late-night talk show circuit, including one of the first to perform on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”
In addition to his television appearances, Bargatze has two comedy albums, “Yelled at by a Clown” and “Full Time Magic.” The former peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 10 Comedy Charts in 2014 and the latter reached No. 1 in 2015.
Bargatze released his first hour-long Netflix special, “The Tennessee Kid,” in 2019, and his sophomore feature, “The Greatest Average American,” came out two years later. That special earned him a Grammy nomination.
“I’m very excited about this hour, I’m excited to tape it,” he said about his upcoming Netflix special. “I’ve done over 200 shows leading up to it, so I think I have it down exactly how I want it.”
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Bargatze said there will be a lot more original material on growing up, his parents, his wife and daughter, and just everyday life. Essentially, he addresses the common social and random occurrences most people experience. He connects with people; he is the audience member.
He added about his style, “Sometimes the wife relates to me, sometimes the husband relates to me; it can be whoever. I love the relatability of it; it builds a special connection with the audiences. Which is nice because when you’re doing shows in front of people it’s nice to think that we all could be friends.”
Comedy fans are drawn to Bargatze, not just because of the natural flow of his conversational delivery, but the fact that he talks about normal life, finds the irony in daily situations that relate to the average person. Audiences are able to visualize a realistic picture of what’s going on in the personal stories he shares, perhaps realizing they would have a similar reaction to any of the scenarios.
He said, “It’s always comforting to know that you’re not the only one who’s doing these dumb things.”
Bargatze attributes his appeal to his style of comedy to the likes of Jim Gaffigan and Brian Regan, but he also watched a lot of “Seinfeld” growing up. The show inspired him enough to say that his podcast “Nateland” is a “podcast about nothing.”
Having a sense of humor helps with the creative process. Bargatze finds humor in people’s stories he can visualize taking place, and the laughter becomes internally infectious from his own imagination. His candid genuine laughter derived from surprise may be a reason why his comedy is well-received, for that’s the type of material he expertly offers.
“If I can take the whole picture and really run with it in my own mind, it can really set me off and I start laughing,” he said. “If I get off-guard with something, like something that isn’t going the way someone wants it to go … those hit me pretty hard and those can make me laugh.”
Though he’s an accomplished comedian who has been performing for 20 years, he still has nerves before taking the stage, but more in the form of anticipation.
“It’s exciting when you walk out,” he said. “It gets much better every time.”
Nate Bargatze
WHEN: 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 22
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