New Netflix comedy feat. Epps & Sykes

New Netflix comedy feat. Epps & Sykes

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Netflix releases The Upshaws!

It looks like Netflix may have another comedy hit other hands, “The Upshaws.” The streaming service is gearing up for a new comedy series The Upshaws starring Kim Fields, Wanda Sykes, and Mike Epps. We’ve been waiting for this show for awhile and now that it’s here, we’re IMPRESSED!

The multi-camera comedy series centers on a Black, working-class family struggling to make it work in Indiana and we can’t wait to see Kim Fields in a leading role.

Based loosely on Mike Epps life

According to, the Living Single and Real Housewives of Atlanta alumni will play Regina Upshaw, Lucretia’s (Sykes) sister and Bennie’s (Epps) high school sweetheart, now wife and the mother of his three children. Regina works in medical billing at a local hospital and struggles to stay upbeat and keep her family happy — and her husband in check — while pursuing goals of her own.

Mike Epps plays a loveable thug

The show is features the lives of a working-class African American family in Indiana, the very place of Mike Epps’ upbringing. In the show Mike and his family struggle to make ends meet without a clear blueprint of how. Epps plays Bennie Upshaw, the lovable, charming, thug-adjacent head of the Upshaw family. He runs a garage in Indianapolis and is constantly butting heads with his sister-in-law, Lucretia, who believes her sister could have and do better. As a husband and father of four children, he tries his best (not always successfully) to figure things out without a blueprint.

Family Comedy at its best!

Sykes plays Regina’s sardonic older sister Lucretia, who collects disability after falling from a jetway at the airport. She is a real estate owner and silent partner in Bennie’s garage, only stomaching his antics for her sister. She will always believe it’s not too late for her sister to get out of her marriage.

This a great pairing of comedic greats, check it out today on netflix,

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