NI fans disappointed to miss out on Peter Kay tickets ponder possibility of extra tour dates – Belfast Telegraph

NI fans disappointed to miss out on Peter Kay tickets ponder possibility of extra tour dates – Belfast Telegraph


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Comedian Peter Kay.
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Northern Irish fans of Peter Kay who were left disappointed after missing out on tickets are still desperate to see the popular comedian when he performs in Belfast.
Tickets for the Bolton funnyman’s first stand-up tour in 12 years went on general sale on Saturday for the SSE Arena in Belfast on February 23, 24 and 25.
Fans of the comedian have taken to social media to express their frustration and ask if anyone lucky enough to secure tickets is looking to sell them on.
“Anyone selling Peter Kay tickets for the SSE Arena in February 2023? Preferably the Thursday or Friday night. Looking two,” an eager fan said.
A Twitter user also queried whether additional Belfast shows could be included in the tour given their is a gap between Belfast and Newcastle dates. 
The fan added: “I’m watching clips of Peter Kay on his YouTube channel.
“Absolutely gutted I couldn’t get tickets to his Belfast shows. Don’t understand how some people just buy tickets to make money from them!”
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The tour was originally set to end in August 2023, but the additional dates mean it will now run until June 2025 with new shows cities including London, Birmingham and Manchester.
Writing to Peter Kay, another said: “So disappointed I couldn't get tickets to your Belfast show in February Peter.
“Despite getting up at the crack of dawn to make sure got on phone to book through Ticketmaster apparently there were 52,000 in front of me? WTF! We're from Tyrone….Garlic bread?”
Users of O2, Virgin Media and Three were offered access two days early.
Many local fans were unable to snap up the pre-sale tickets for his February dates at the SSE Arena due to technical issues.
Some complained that they had been unable to get into the relevant apps while others said they got as far as the queue but were unable to proceed further.
In response to the complaints, O2 and Virgin said: “We’re seeing extraordinary demand for Peter Kay. We know customers are struggling to get on to our Priority website and app before 10am, we’re working on it. Please be patient, thank you.”
A follow-up statement read: “We’re seeing unprecedented demand for Peter Kay tickets & we know a lot of you can’t access Priority.
“Sorry, we’re working on it. Please be patient; this is by far the highest demand we’ve ever seen for Priority tickets in 15 years. The presale lasts for 48h so keep checking.”
In 2010, Kay, whose mother comes from Northern Ireland, set a world record for the biggest-selling stand-up comedy tour, playing to more than 1.2 million people.
He had been due to hit the road again in 2017 but later cancelled the tour due to “unforeseen family circumstances”.
The new Better Late Than Never tour kicks off in Manchester on December 2.
It is expected Kay will break his own record with the upcoming tour.

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