Old School Review: Bebe’s Kids (1992)

Old School Review: Bebe’s Kids (1992)

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Old School Review: Bebe's Kids (1992)

The 1990s was a great time for Black drama and comedy films. One that stood out was 1992’s Bebe’s Kids. This animated features the comedy of the late Robin Harris and is based on one his routines: the titular Bebe’s kids. While a commercial flop, it’s a comedy that still holds a place for many 90s kids. 

Now without going into the movie and spoiling anything—even though it’s almost been 26 years already—one thing you need to know about these kids: they’re bad as hell. Kahlil (voiced by Marques “Batman” Houston), Pee Wee (voiced by Tone Loc), and LaShawn (Jonell Green) are loud, hard-headed, and violent. 

When I first watched Bebe’s Kids in theaters at seven I was in stitches. These kids were running amok and doing stuff my mother wouldn’t have stood for. Also, Bebe never appears. Her friend Jamika (voiced Vanessa Bell Calloway) takes the kids and her own kid Leon out to Fun World as part of a date with Robin (voiced by Faizon Love in his first film). You know, as a means of seeing how he is with kids. 

What follows is a battle of wits between Robin and Bebe’s brats, destruction of property, and an ex-girlfriend who can’t mind her own business. There is one casualty in the film: Robin’s wallet at this expensive amusement park. 


So, does the film hold up years later for adults who watched it in the 1990s? It does. I found myself rooting for Robin to smack those bad ass kids. Also, while this is a 1990s movie, it’s not distinctly 1990s. It doesn’t come off as super dated. That aside, Black comedy has changed from the 1970s-1990s period but this holds up well.

Would I say “Watch it now”? No, watch it in your own time. That said, Bebe’s Kids still gets the job done. Also, it’s an even better experience when watching it with someone who remembers the film or tweet-watching it.

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