Palmy getting personal: Urzila Carlson's tour comes to Manawatū – Stuff

Palmy getting personal: Urzila Carlson's tour comes to Manawatū – Stuff

She has become as much a household name as any comedian in New Zealand, but Urzila Carlson still feels “brand new”.
Her latest stand-up show, It’s Personal, is touring eight towns and cities throughout the country, and will be at the Regent on Broadway in Palmerston North on November 6.
“It’s a show about keeping your cards close to your chest but walking around naked,” Carlson said.
She has spent 14 years as a stand-up comedian and is not slowing down.
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She recently returned from the Melbourne Comedy Festival where she won the People’s Choice Award for the second time, selling more tickets in the festival’s 33-year history than any other performer.
Despite the years on stage and TV – Taskmaster NZ, Have You Been Paying Attention and 7 Days – in her mind she feels “like I am still at the beginning”.
For Carlson, it’s like her contradictory feelings of moving to New Zealand from South Africa in 2006.
“I still feel brand new, but on the other hand, I can’t remember not living here.”
Exploring contradictions, this time between oversharing and then defending our privacy, is the theme of the It’s Personal tour.
She said it’s gone from sharing what music we liked on MySpace to being able to tell your whole life story on Tik Tok in one to 10-minute bursts.
“People have no filter, and they literally share anything in their life, as long as other people like it.”
Carlson said they were the same people that if you asked questions or comments, they got upset, because “it’s personal”.
“I just find it fascinating, and I thought I’m going to write a show.”
Carlson is looking forward to her tour reaching Palmerston North, it was “kind of like a home game” given her wife’s family were from Feilding.
“I’ve done my last 10 years of Boxing Day sales in Palmerston North, so most of the people in the audience would have seen me or felt my elbow in their ribs going through a sale.”
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