Popular Russian TV channel suspends filming of comedy shows because comedians have left the country – Yahoo News

The Russian entertainment channel TNT has suspended the filming of comedy shows because several comedians have left the country and the management wants to produce TV series.
Source: Baza Russian outlet
Details: The changes at the TV channel started when Tina Kandelaki, a TV presenter who openly supports the Kremlin’s policy, became the manager.
Sources say she has decided to make more TV series, and  TNT has therefore suspended the production of several comedy shows, including Improvizatsiya ("Improvisation"), Improvizatsiya.Komandy ("Improvisation.Teams"), Gde logika ("Where’s the logic"), and Dvoye Na Million ("Two for a Million").
The new season of Comedy Battle has also been postponed until next year, as some of the comedians have left the country due to the war with Ukraine.
TNT announced a casting in August, but nothing is known about its results, and a 404 error message now appears on the web page where the application form for the casting had been.
Later, in a commentary for Russia’s RBC news agency, Kandelaki claimed that the information about the show being cancelled was not true.
Quote by Kandelaki: "Our leading comedians stayed in the country, they never left: Pasha Volia, Misha Galustian, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karbidis, Marina Kravets and others.
The shooting [of shows] is in full swing.
I can definitely say 2023 will be one of the brightest in terms of the number of premieres, shows, TV series and reality shows. Follow the news".
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