Raju Srivastava death: Funeral in Delhi today; Comedians Ahsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal arrive for last rites | Mint – Mint

  • Raju Srivastava death: The funeral of the comedian will be held at Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi on Thursday

Comedian Raju Srivastava took his last breath on Wednesday. The 58-year-old comedian died after being in ICU for 41 days at Delhi AIIMS.
The funeral of the comedian will be held at Nigam Bodh Ghat in Delhi on Thursday. Fellow comedians and Srivastava’s close friends Ahsaan Qureshi and Sunil Pal have arrived to pay their last respects. “He will always be remembered. He was our teacher,” Sunil Pal said.
Raju Srivastava suffered a heart attack while working out in the gym last month.
After learning about the unfortunate demise of Srivastava, people across the country paid their heartfelt tributes.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences to the family and admirers of the late comedian and tweeted: “Raju Srivastava brightened our lives with laughter, humour, and positivity. He leaves us too soon but he will continue to live in the hearts of countless people thanks to his rich work over the years. His demise is saddening.”
Comedian Kapil Sharma shared an old picture of the duo from the sets of Comedy Night With Kapil and wrote, “For the first time you have made me cry Raju bhai. I wish we could have met one more time. You will be missed a lot. Om Shanti”.
A post shared by Kapil Sharma (@kapilsharma)
Actor Archana Puran Singh called Srivastava, a “powerhouse of talent and a trendsetter” She wrote, “Raju, a powerhouse of talent, a trendsetter, a warm and empathetic colleague. You made me laugh with your delightful ‘Gajodhar’ and heartland humour.
Today as I mourn the loss of the lovely human being Raju was, I also remember and celebrate his amazing achievements and laurels and recall working with him just a week before he fell ill”.

A post shared by Archana Puran Singh (@archanapuransingh)
Raju Srivastava’s last Instagram post has also gone viral. The comedian made people laugh in a sketch featuring the different Covid-19 caller tunes by mimicking celebrities like Vinod Khanna, Shashi Kapoor, and others.

A post shared by Raju Srivastav (@rajusrivastavaofficial)
Renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik also paid a tribute to the legendary comedian with a special sand work in Odisha. “you will live in the hearts of Millions. Tribute to comedy king,” he wrote

Hasate Hasate Rula Diya…. You will live in the hearts of Millions. Tribute to comedy king #rajusrivastava #OmShanti.
My SandArt at Puri beach in Odisha. pic.twitter.com/ZTWI77jOIu
Srivastava was in the entertainment industry since the 1980s and shot to fame after participating in the first season of the reality stand-up comedy show ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge in 2005. The 58-year-old artiste is survived by his wife and two children.
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