Ramy Season 3: Everything You Need to Know – Collider

Ramy Season 3: Everything You Need to Know – Collider

Hulu’s award-winning comedy series returns.
Hulu’s Ramy is one of those shows that burst onto the scene and presented a compelling and unique viewing experience from the onset. Focusing on the titular character Ramy Hassan and his struggles growing up in a first-generation Egyptian-American household, the series broached a topic that had rarely been covered in popular television, and it did so with a critical and multifaceted lens. Created by Ramy Youssef, the show has been on hiatus since the end of Season 2 in 2020. After the whirlwind events of the Season 2 finale, we were left with Ramy at a personal low. Now, the Hulu original series is returning for Season 3, with a release date of September 30th, 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about the highly anticipated Season 3 of the comedy-drama television series.
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The trailer for Ramy Season 3 was released online on September 14, 2022, giving fans their best look yet at the long-awaited new season. Complete with its own voice-over narrator, the trailer promises that Season 3 will retain the spirit that made the first two seasons so acclaimed.
After the whirlwind events of the Season 2 finale, we find Ramy at a personal low after cheating on his bride-to-be with his cousin the night before his wedding. After getting chewed out by his would-be wife, his Sheikh/mentor, and his cousin, the road ahead for Ramy seemed dark. Series creator Ramy Youssef said to Entertainment Weekly during an episode breakdown of Season 2 back in 2020 "Ramy will really be dealing with who he is in a much clearer way than we've ever seen, and having to understand what his actual connection to his faith is." Youssef finishes his comments on the end of Season 2 by hinting at an area of growth for the character moving into Season 3. "He really does mean well, and I will never take that away from him, but he needs to realize that that's not enough." When it does release, the trailer for Season 3 will most likely hint at ways in which Ramy has to grow and reflect on these experiences before he can really be happy.
Season 3 of Ramy will be released exclusively on Hulu on September 30th. It will consist of 10 new episodes. These will be the first after over 2 years, when Season 2 of Ramy premiered Friday, May 29th, 2020.
Luckily, the core cast of Season 3 will remain unchanged. It will focus on Ramy and the rest of the Hassan family. The family dynamic between these characters is part of what makes the series special: each character has a unique set of problems and way of grappling with their own personal struggles, in many ways representing many facets of the experience for Egyptian-American immigrants. Ramy Youssef plays the titular Ramy Hassan. Amr Waked (El Cid) returns to play the role of Farouk Hassan, Ramy’s father. Hiam Abbass returns as Maysa Hassan, Ramy’s mother. May Calamawy returns as Dena Hassan, Ramy’s sister. Finally, Laith Nakli reprises his role as Ramy’s uncle Naseem. Nakli was promoted to a series regular during season 2 and will figure to have a prominent role this season as it focuses on Naseem and Ramy’s budding diamond business. Other actors reprising their roles from previous seasons are Steve Way, Mohammed Amer, and Dave Merheje, who play Ramy’s circle of best friends.
One of the biggest headlines for Season 2 was the announcement of Mahershala Ali’s prominent role and the trailer for Season 3 confirms his return. Although it is unknown the size of his role in Season 3, after the events of Season 2 there does seem to be some space for his character to make a return, even if just for an episode. Regardless of whether Ali returns for Season 3, one name has already been announced that has fans buzzing. Season 3 will see the addition of Dutch-Palestinian international supermodel Bella Hadid to the show in a recurring role. This will be her first acting role.
Another new addition to the series in Season 3 is Julian Sergi. Known for his work on War Dogs and the series Key & Peele, Sergi will play Ramy’s new business partner Yuval.
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The show was primarily created by Ramy Youssef, with the assistance of Ari Katcher and Ryan Welch. Youssef is credited as a writer, director, executive producer, creator, and lead actor. He won a Golden Globe for Best Performer in a Musical or Comedy Television Series for his role. Besides Ramy, Youssef recently co-wrote the comedy series Mo with stand-up comedian Mo Amer, which looks at the life of a Palestinian refugee living in Houston, Texas. Mo premiered on Netflix August 24th, 2022. Youssef also has an animated series for Prime Video in the works that will focus on Islamic culture, although the show does not have a title or release date at this point.
The series is produced by none other than the acclaimed studio A24. The award-winning studio behind Moonlight also has a growing list of television series including the HBO hit Euphoria.
In addition to Youssef, Katcher, and Welch, Ramy is executive produced by Christopher Storer, Tyson Bidner, Adel Kamal, Amir Sulaiman, and Jerrod Carmichael.
Hulu’s synopsis of Season 3 can be read below:
The series follows first-generation, Egyptian-American Ramy Hassan (Youssef) and his family as they navigate spirituality in their politically-divided New Jersey neighborhood. Ramy continues to bring a new perspective to the screen as it explores the challenges of what it’s like to be caught between a religious community who believes life is a moral test, and a millennial generation that doubts an afterlife even exists. In the third season, his family is forced to confront having lived a life dedicated to worldly concerns — and in some cases, lies — while Ramy all but abandons his spiritual journey, instead dedicating himself to him and his uncle's diamond business.
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