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Roger Federer’s voice gets imitated by "uncanny" US Open comedian

Comedian Matt Friend imitated Roger Federer on Instagram and many fans were left impressed. One Instagram user described the comedian’s performance as “uncanny”. You can watch the whole video below.

“Roger Federer goes unrecognized at the US Open,” comedian Matt Friend captioned the video.
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“Hey, it’s Roger Federer here. Yeah, I mean it’s amazing really to be getting food at the US Open with so many great choices. I wish there was a bit more chocolate. You know, I love my sweets. But no one is taking selfies either so kind of weird.
Let’s see what happens,” the comedian starts the video. “There is no VIP line. I won 20 of these,” Matt says in the video while filming himself waiting in line. “Alright, I’m in. Still nobody knows quite who I am.
It’s a bit strange honestly. Again, I did win 20 Grand Slams,” the comedian continues.
Matt Friend, according to his website, “is an old soul living inside a 23-year-old impressionist’s body.
Matthew graduated from NYU’s Gallatin School in 2020, but his love of comedy and entertainment was sparked when he was four years old. He had watched Austin Powers (yes, as a four-year-old) and started mimicking the characters’ voices—and the rest was history.
To date, Matthew has almost 350K followers on TikTok. He has appeared on the Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, NBC’s New York Live TV, Good Day LA, Good Day NY, and WGN. In 2019, Matthew won Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience at Carolines on Broadway.
His professional experience includes hosting HQ Trivia, performing at corporate events, and doing stand-up comedy throughout the country. Matthew’s repertoire includes more than 250 impressions ranging from Rami Malek to Timothee Chalamet.
His favorite to do right now is Jennifer Coolidge. Matthew’s love of comedy and entertainment began when he was four years old after he discovered the Austin Powers DVD in his house. watched it so much that he began to mimic the characters’ gestures and words.
“Do I make you randy?” echoed through his head every day. Matthew quickly found that he was able to make people laugh just by reproducing someone else’s persona. He spent countless hours in his room, scrolling through YouTube, digging up Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra, and Rich Little clips”.


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