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A  comedian, Otaghware Onodjayeke, aka I Go Save, is of the opinion that stand-up comedians have an edge over skit makers, because the latter only ‘trend’ for some time until another skit mater grabs the limelight from there.
Onodjayeke told Saturday Beats, “Stand-up comedians have an edge over skit makers. When a skit comedian comes out, everybody embraces that very one. But, the moment another one starts ‘trending’, people migrates to the new one.
“Whereas, for stand-up comedy, one can be there for 15 years, depending on how talented one is, and how well one is able to do research and come up with new materials. As far as I’m concerned, skit makers don’t affect stand-up comedians in any way.”
Asked to comment on the issue of young comedians not getting proper training and mentoring, I Go Save said, “The problem with most young comedians these days is that they are usually in a haste, and are very desperate. They are usually eager to impress and make money quickly. Because of this desperation, they do any different things with neither class nor shame. Some of them even go on stage to beg for money, defaming the comedy industry, which was built by others over the years.
“In our time, there was no form of training. We got here solely based on street talent from God, which we developed on our own Also, there is no association in the industry, so most comedians are practically on their own.
The comedian also enjoined police officers to stop profiling and harassing youths. He added, “The police need to do more community policing, get along with the youth and make life easy. This harsh harassment and greed to become rich overnight by most policemen are desecrating the job, and making the good policemen out there look bad.”
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