The Best Comedy Clubs Across the U.S. November 21 through November 27, 2022 – PW-Philadelphia Weekly

The Best Comedy Clubs Across the U.S. November 21 through November 27, 2022 – PW-Philadelphia Weekly

This is a long list of comics for a Monday night, but come early and stick around for Florida writer and comedienne Daphnique Springs, who has appeared on How I Met Your Mother and performed her darkly sarcastic brand of stand-up comedy on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, HBO’s All Def Comedy jam, and opening for Martin Lawrence and Katt Williams. Better still, Springs owns her own cosmetic company with her own make up lines to show for it. Seinfeld doesn’t have a make up line. Amy Schumer doesn’t have a make up line. Eddie Izzard doesn’t have a make up line. How’s that?!
You are going to see Philly on this list twice, this week, so deal with it. That is because two of the City of Brotherly Hate and Sisterly Disaffection’s edgiest, filthiest, stand-up comedians, Six and Shaner, famed from the “Ya F#cked It!” podcast are hosting a handful of Philadelphia’s roughest, foulest comics such as Christian Weckesser, Sean Patton, Nate Marshall, Emma Willman, Richie Redding, and Dave Temple. So maybe there is some brotherly love left in town, who the fuck knows?
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I am not fond of the sobriquet, “a comedian’s comedian” because that phrase makes it seem as if the public can’t like or get you. Oakerson, however, is that rare comic’s comic who is beloved by his fans and the un-common man-woman-they-them. Endearingly raunchy (or raunchily endearing, take your pick), Oakerson co-hosts “The Bonfire” on SiriusXM’ with Dan Soder and has a new-ish Comedy Central hour special, “Big Jay Oakerson: Live at Webster Hall” to show for it. But see him live. Even if you aren’t a comedian. Plus, it is Thanksgiving Eve, the busiest night be out this side of New Year’s. Laugh it up.
I am not infallible, but I actually combed the whole of the United States to figure out what comedy club might be open on Thanksgiving – that one day you need to spend with family and that same one day you need to get the fuck out of Dodge as soon as dinner closes outs its turkey and tryptophan tab. So why not find that comfort, creature or otherwise, in Hawaii? If you are in upstate NYC, getting out of the feet of snow seems a warming proposition, as does getting off the East Coast. Period. And if you are anywhere else, but Honolulu, you’re merely avoiding getting hit over the head or swerving around homeless people. No, go see the “hottest comics in Hawaii and from abroad in a hilarious interactive Stand Up Comedy show,” as their advertising reads. Who cares who is telling the jokes.
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Still the toast of underground comedy ever since she made her debut in the alt-Nineties – you know, Blind Melon, Pulp Fiction, Like Water for Chocolate the novel – Garofolo will forever go out of her snarky way not to be fully accepted by the status. Good on her.
Whether in Real Time (the name of his still running, weekly talk show) or not, Bill Maher will forever hate organized religion, hate the Republicans (and some Dems, now, or at the very least, partisanship), hate those who do not partake of weed, hate on university education and its current crop of snowflake students, hate crypto currency – all of which is at the very top of a very long list of loathes for the comedian. And while all that hate doesn’t make him surprising, it does still make Maher a funny force with which to reckon.
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So, here is the weird thing about this booking/listing. Leno, late of The Tonight Show and a forever stand-up comedian, was injured badly by flames in his home garage earlier this week, hospitalized and operated on. And at the time, he said he would be up and running and doing stand up with a week to ten days. With that, Leno’s November 20 date at LA’s legendary Comedy & Magic Club is postponed, but not the November 27 gig. Bet you a hundred dollars that Leno does the club date – he is that hard working.
A.D. Amorosi is a Philadelphia-based journalist who, along with Philadelphia Weekly, writes for numerous local, national and international publications including Variety and the Philadelphia Inquirer.
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