Home General The Politician ft. Tim Meadows (Monkey Love Ep. 2 of 6)

The Politician ft. Tim Meadows (Monkey Love Ep. 2 of 6)


Ms. Pickles has a secret rendezvous with a United States Senator (Tim Meadows).

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Monkey Love
Monkey Love follows the romantic adventures of Ms. Pickles, a male chimpanzee who dresses up like a human woman and goes on dates with human men who can’t resist her beauty, charm and wit.

Cast & Credits

Written and Directed by: Captain Hippo

Senator McBoon – Tim Meadows
Jersey Steve – Steve Levine

Animation by: Michael Antonucci
Voiceover Director: Paul Briganti
Background Color: Dan Spenser
Editing and Sound Design: Steve Levine
Audio Editing: Andrew Ford and Steve Levine
Recorded at Titmouse Animation

Above Average Producer Celeste Ballard

Special thanks to Dave Newberg

Music Provided by Jingle Punks


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