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It is hard to combat the level of stubborn ignorance possessed by many MAGA-followers, especially when so many of them have bought into myriad levels and variations of the amorphous QAnon conspiracy theories. Whether you believe all kinds of famous celebrities aren’t really dead and they are secretly living on an island awaiting some reckoning, or whether you believe President Joe Biden has long since left this plane of existence and people like actor Jim Carrey are playing doppelgänger pretend president roles, or if you believe the Kennedy family is getting ready to come back a la the Messiah to bring us all to deliverance, there’s something far out there for you in the QAnon world.
Of course, QAnon followers don’t even agree with one another on the grand conspiracy theories they espouse. In fact, many QAnon adherents believe QAnon adherence is a part of the big picture New World Order and see goblins everywhere they look. It is a remarkable bit of cognitive dissonance. Comedians Jason Selvage and Dave Stiefler have made a career promoting their The Good Liars website with content showing the two men interviewing QAnon and MAGA followers, among other things. It is sort of like watching someone fish in a barrel. 
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In the first part of the clip, Jason Selvege asks a woman to explain the theory that the insurrection on the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, 2021, was perpetrated by antifa, if everybody who has been arrested has admitted to not being antifa. In fact, they have all said they were supporters of Donald Trump. After exposing her contradictory logic, the lady bags up and rounds the edges of her convoluted thinking by saying what she cannot explain is all just a “cover-up.” In this case, the “cover-up” is her logic. It is the single mental trick that conspiracy theorists rely on when holes are poked in their assertions: There’s always something bigger and more nefarious.
The second part of the clip has Stiefler talking with a woman who believes that President Joe Biden is personally driving the inflation we are seeing in the United States and around the world. Why is he doing this? “Forced everyone into the new green deal so that by 2035 they can have a go all electric.” But, as Stiefler points out, this inflation plan has clearly hurt the Democratic Party’s chances at retaining control of the House and Senate, thus stifling any future plans, at least for the next two years, that Biden might have.
“I don’t think he cares, I think it’s part of a bigger plan.”
You see how that works?
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