This Crossing Guard Is Attempting To Stop An Ambulance That’s Going 70 With Its Siren Wailing And Everything

This Crossing Guard Is Attempting To Stop An Ambulance That’s Going 70 With Its Siren Wailing And Everything

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Energy might be intoxicating, and sometimes, it might probably drive those that wield it too far. Working example: This crossing guard is at the moment attempting to cease an oncoming ambulance that most likely has somebody dying in it as a result of it’s completely flying down the street with its lights flashing and siren blaring full blast. 

Yikes. He’s gone mad with energy! 

Bug-eyed with veins coming out of his brow, this crossing guard at a busy intersection in Houston clearly takes his position means, means too significantly, as regardless that all of the pedestrians on the crosswalk appear content material to attend on the sidewalk till the quickly approaching ambulance passes, the neon-vested visitors sentinel is nonetheless standing agency in the midst of the intersection, waving his cease signal and loudly blowing his whistle in an effort to halt the dashing emergency automobile in its tracks. Although obstructing ambulances from attending to hospitals is sort of definitely not one among his official job duties, this no-nonsense visitors guard appears to be ‘roided up on the awesomeness of his personal authority and keen to do no matter it takes, regardless of how reckless, to make sure the protected passage of pedestrians.

Regardless of the crossing guard’s daring, unyielding presence, the ambulance is barreling in the direction of him at 70 mph and displaying no indicators of slowing down, making a high-stakes, extremely pointless sport of hen. And whereas the crossing guard’s solely actual accountability is to maintain individuals from getting hit by autos, he’s nonetheless placing himself at severe danger of getting hit by a automobile at this very second, conducting himself like some form of supreme, omnipotent god of thoroughfares who, by advantage of getting a reflective hi-vis vest and getting paid $11 an hour, is wholly above the legal guidelines of man.  

Hmm. Unsure what his deal is. Maybe he’s attempting to ascertain himself as some form of irreplaceable drive for good with a view to stave off the ever-looming menace of being changed by a crossing sign—a destiny that has befallen so a lot of his brethren in latest generations as increasingly cities notice {that a} flashing orange hand can do the job simply as successfully as a human and for no pay. No matter he’s attempting to show, blowing a whistle at an oncoming ambulance might be not the best approach to get his message throughout. 

Severely, man, simply calm the fuck down.

Right here’s hoping that this crossing guard will get out of the street ASAP, or that the ambulance a minimum of swerves to keep away from obliterating him. This simply isn’t one thing that folks need crossing guards to do for them, and if this man doesn’t notice that quickly, he and his cease signal paddle might very effectively meet an early grave.

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