TikTok comedian goes viral with 'Girl who just got back from…' video series mocking tourists – msnNOW

A TikTok comedian has gone viral with a series of videos depicting American tourists talking about their travels to European countries.
With titles like, “That one girl who just got back from Greece” and “That one girl who just got back from France”, Toronto-based Laura Ramoso has been getting big views on the social media platform for the past few months.
Her “France” traveller impression sees a girl with a basket and baguette speaking with an affected French-American accent, wearing red lipstick, pronouncing “Airbnb” with a Gallic flourish, and throwing “Oui” and “Alors” into everyday conversation.
Meanwhile, multiple videos of an Italy holidaymaker show a sunburned character talking about being “promptly airlifted out of the Alps” and “accidentally” ordering an “expresso”.
The astute observations have gone viral with travel fans, with the “Girl who just got back from Greece” garnering 7.8 million views, and the France video 4.6 million.
Other videos entitled “Me going through customs at the airport” and “When you see a family run to catch their flight” have also delighted fans on the video-sharing app.
In the former, Ramoso nervously rambles about the purpose of her travels, ending up showing the customs official her pyjamas for the trip.
Plenty of TikTok users recognised themselves in the playful videos.
One commented under the “France girl” video, saying: “Me for six months straight after watching ‘Amelie’ once in 2010”.
“They go to France and come back speaking broken English, like girl you’re from Connecticut,” wrote Brendon William.
Under the “Spain girl” video, another follower replied: “I saw the French one first and laughed, but I’m laughing a little quieter at this one because this is me.”
Other users have requested future destinations that “Holiday girl” could come back from, such as England, Austria and Sweden.
The videos are so prolific that Ramoso has even collaborated with brands such as language-learning app Drops to create more for the series.
TikTok is a hotbed of travel tips, sketches and trip-planning information.
In October, an American nurse and her husband went viral on the site after sharing the original way they pick their next holiday destination, using a pint glass and Post-It notes to draw destinations at random.
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