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Lauren Ramoso has earned millions of views for her lighthearted skits. Photo / @lau_ramoso
A Canadian woman has delighted millions of people with videos mocking how people act when returning from holiday.
In a series of videos posted to TikTok, Laura Ramoso mocks how travellers often hold onto foreign ways of speaking, dressing or eating after coming home from a foreign country.
The irritating but short-lived habit is one many travellers are guilty of and clearly struck a chord with viewers. Most videos have been viewed around 2 million times, with some reaching 4.1 million views.
Ramoso has mimicked tourists returning home from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Amsterdam. Thousands of viewers have commented about how accurate the portrayals are.
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On her most recent video, Ramoso takes on a character returning from Amsterdam.
“As a Dutch person, I can say this was beyond spot on,” said one viewer of the Amsterdam video.
“I was waiting for this one and you did not disappoint. You did your research!” another wrote.
Another admitted they resonated with the clip. “Omg I became this girl since I went to NL for the first time,” they said.
The Toronto-based comedian began filming short-form sketches for Instagram and TikTok during the pandemic.
With a German mother and Italian father, she first gained a following by posting lighthearted videos acting out their unusual behaviour, as well as more relatable skits about travel and life.
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Ramoso said almost all of her ideas come from real-world observations.
“I am inspired by the people I see and interact with in my day-to-day, or real-life situations and behaviours I find odd, charming, relatable,” she told Westcoast German News.
“I then take that observation or truth, and exaggerate it to the point of satire.”
Ramoso currently has more than 404,800 followers on TikTok some views gaining up to 7.5 million views. As a result, she said she was able to quit her job in real estate marketing and pursue comedy full-time.
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