Trump supporter throws beer at stand-up comedian for voting for Biden – KKTV

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N.J. (Gray News) – A stand-up comedian is going viral after an audience member threw a can of beer at her for voting for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.
Ariel Elias was in the middle of her set at Uncle Vinnie’s Comedy Club in New Jersey when a woman in the audience asked her if she voted for Donald Trump.
Video captured the entire encounter.
The video shows that, after a few moments of back-and-forth with the woman and attempts to dodge the question, Elias finally admitted she voted for Biden.
“So you voted for Biden?” the woman asked.
“I don’t know; why does it matter?” Elias responded.
“Yes, you did!” the woman said.
“Yeah, so what? Why does it matter?” Elias asked.
“I could just tell by your jokes that you voted for Biden,” the woman said.
“Alright. I can tell by the fact that you’re still talking when nobody wants you to that you voted for Trump,” Elias fired back as the crowd erupted in laughter.
After Elias tried to get back on track with her set, moving into her next set of jokes, a can of beer was hurled at the stage, hitting the wall behind Elias with force.
Seemingly shocked, Elias stood there for a moment with her mouth agape while the crowd began yelling at the person who threw the beer.
Not missing a beat, Elias then picked up the beer and chugged the rest of it as the audience applauded her.
According to local media, the man who threw the beer is the husband of the woman who had the banter with Elias.
According to a tweet from Elias, the club is pressing charges against the man who threw the beer. The club also booked Elias to come back in April.
“To answer the most obvious question, yes, I did pick up what was left of the beer and chug it,” Elias tweeted.
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