Two Comedians Talk Vikings vs Eagles – Zone Coverage

Comedian and former host of SportsCenter on Snapchat, CY Amundson, has a new podcast he’s doing with the Minnesota Vikings organization.
Each week the show, entitled The Vikings Tailgate, features Cy Breaking down the Vikings upcoming opponent with a great standup comedian who is a huge fan of the opponent.
It’s unique and pretty funny. Honestly, sometimes I like my comedians to be a little more uncut and unfiltered but it makes sense given this is a product being put out by the team that they don’t go full out of control.
But all in all the first two episodes have been really great and it’s definitely worth subscribing and listening. Something fun and new during what could be a really fun Vikings season.
As the Minnesota Vikings prepare to face the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, there comes another opportunity for a once-disgruntled player to make a statement against […]
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